Trump Trial Finale: Prosecutors Outline A Conspiracy, Defense Invents One Of Its Own

Spoiler alert: There’s nothing wrong with taking money out of the bank.

If you think Tuesday was something, wait until verdict day, whenever that may be.


A criminal gang is not above veiled threats or stolen fear. Good luck in that jury sequester, he says.

“If’n you happen to smell what you think may be a gas leak, as a juror, you know what to do. And if’n ya’ don’t do what’s “right,” just remember, ya’ brought it on yerselves!

Bada-bing bada-BOOM!!


Buckle up. The best is yet to come.


I like that quote. Sports has an issue with civility as well. I’m tired of trash talk and have been for years, seems just right for bullies.

The term came about in the early 1990s. It generally refers to the use of threatening or intentionally inflammatory language. Smack talk can also be used with bullying, whether that be face-to-face interaction, or cyber-bullying.

Good reporting Josh K.




I am terrified that our concept of law has been so diluted in the educational syste and people like Trump have desensitized the public to illegal/unethical conduct and gotten away with it (see: Hatch Act)
that this will result in a hung jury.

This would only sow more division, and allow Trump to spin it as himself being a victim while the government has wasted all this time and money.

The election may be decided this week if he’s not convicted.


Somehow I don’t think that this jury in this city is going to buy a “People do this sort of thing all the time,” argument. Most people I know would add, “but if I had the capacity to punish it, I would!”


I feel we’ve been teetering at it for 7 years now, and sadly I’m not at all convinced we won’t topple.


I’m no fan of Nort Korea, but manure balloons… hilarious.

“When you consider the alternatives, manure is not bad really”

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Many kudos to Josk K. for his work. He was not a stenographer, he was an analyst on our behalf. Thanks!


Election will more likely be decided by Gaza…

Supporting Genocide of brown children might have worked Pre-Floyd, but no longer…

Meh… rich guys get away with this sh*t publication the time…

Not nearly as damaging as allowing our weapons to be used on children protected only by tents.

If Joe loses it will because Gaza, not Trump getting away with lawlessness for the 1000th time


He is an outstanding reporter and journalist. We are so fortunate to have access to him as part of our TPM community.


I fear a MAGA mole.

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Almost as bad, I read somewhere that, as a first time white collar offender, Trump might not get jail time. No idea how likely that is, but any of the trials where Trump would be incarcerated have (very, very) likely been delayed until after the election. Trump being guilty of felony election interference and free to walk the streets is not a good message.


You are probably right but if he is found guilty there will have to be some kind of punishment. Hopefully, Merchan has figured out how to impose maximum pain short of incarceration.

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a much more quotidian theory

One of my favorite surprise benefits of reading TPM is learning new words but I have to ask myself, is this a word that Josh knew or a thesaurus search that dug a little too deep?

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Simultaneously, North Korea increased the value of their exports by 200%

As the cargo was from North Korea and not China, question remains as to whether it was Mous ey Dung.


My guess is somewhere along the line he studied Latin. I suffered through a few years of it, but it was quite useful in the SATs.

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