Trump Team Tries Harder And Harder To Hide What They Will Actually Do During Trump 2.0

Originally published at: Trump Team Tries Harder And Harder To Hide What They Will Actually Do During Trump 2.0 - TPM – Talking Points Memo

Amid the chaos of the will-they, won’t-they storyline that has seized the Democratic Party in the wake of President Biden’s abysmal debate performance, team Trump has slipped into the quieter moments of the media maelstrom, trying to paint their agenda as much more moderate than it actually is. Take, for instance, Donald Trump’s recent Truth…

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Northern quoll, species of Australian marsupial “cat:”

I have no idea of how to hold the reactionaries’ feet to the fire about their radical policies (or their candidate’s complete unsuitability for the job) while the dominant media are, to varying degrees, complicit in their cover up. (ed.)
ETA: my association is to the run up to the Iraq war – really, pretty disturbing.


I heard a report on NPR today on the GOP platform. The reporter went out of his way to highlight the absence of a national abortion ban from the platform, and to emphasize Trump’s stated wish to “send it back to the states.”

What a relief. Because Donald Trump would never lie about a thing like that. He doesn’t lie. Does he? Oh, he does? Well, not so much that it’s worth mentioning the possibility. We can safely assume that, right?

Supposedly high-status national journalism is making the '62 Mets (W40 L120) look like world-beaters.

“Can’t anybody here play this game.” Sadly, no.


Judith Miller - NYTimes Judith MIller - NYTimes Judith Miller - NYTimes

That’s what flashes in my brain when I think of the run-up to the Iraq war.


Me too. I’m recalling that feeling that the national media had lost its mind, and how much of a relief it was to turn to TPM and other blogs where sane people continued to point out obvious facts. I’m feeling a lot of gratitude to TPM in regard to that growing differential. But honestly, I wish I wasn’t.


We all need to memorize the key egregious parts of the 2025 Project and start informing everyone we come in contact with about the true goals of donnie2.0


Yes, Donald is such boy scout.
Hell, he got a merit badge for putting tar on his fingers to take money out of the collection plate.
Note: Credit belongs elsewhere for that idea. I don’t remember where, though.


The Republican platform is definitely meant to be a cover for Project 2025…they are going to try to make it seem as moderate as they can, with mealy mouthed statements like the one here that sound reasonable but leave the door wide open for what they really want to do. I guarantee we’ll hear a ton about this “moderate abortion policy” next week, and every Republican will tow the line (aside from a few who can’t help themselves in desiring women to be enslaved baby making machines). It’s meant to undercut Democrat’s abortion support of course, and it’s important for Democrats so make sure they call this out and make the linkage to P2025 which most certainly removes the ability for women to control their bodies.

As for the Noem bit…that’s curious, scrubbing like that is the thing you do when you want to hide your history right before a big announcement that will lead everybody to your pages. I wonder if they came up with a plan to deal with Noem’s dog killing ways and other weaknesses, she’s probably a good fit for what Trump likely needs in a VP candidate. Or, maybe they think that all the arguing about Biden will dominate things from here on out and there won’t be room in the media for stories about her.


In their hearts, fascists are unrepentant liars.


Unlike totalitarian news suppression, journalism in a for-profit system tends to pander and split differences to gather audience ultimately creating the same kind of outcome; .i.e, gaslight and correctness are reported in the same terms pushing truth out for roughly the same reasons bad money pushes out good; a broader application of Gresham’s Law except for information so the populace becomes inundated with ‘counterfeit’ facts.

NB: see for cf The Fine Art of Baloney Detection


Are you misinformed or is it just the other people?

We - the poor and the dismissible - don’t deserve the truth.

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Isn’t Trump on record for braggging and boasting how he is responsible for gutting RvW because of justices he put on Supreme Court? There should be ads running to rebut RNC platform all during their conference


The Lincoln Project!


Did I mention…


Extremists are going to do the extreme.


Trump Team Tries Harder And Harder To Hide What They Will Actually Do During Trump 2.0

Wait, are you trying to tell me that they are lying sacks of sh@t without an ounce of shame about it?

Well, knock me over with a feather.


May be the Republicans look at poll numbers? That said, the press spews nonsense as if Republicans never look at poll numbers.

It is almost like we are on “he is going to pivot” a second time around. Unbelievable.


The MAGAts don’t care if he lies and are fine with 2025 so they are an unchangeable voting block. The Independents have to know that he lies so the Fascist/Talibanic 2025 plan may affect their voting most of all. They are the voting block being courted by both sides and 2025 is not something any thinking voter would want. Of course, the Democrats will not believe anything he says and will not take any chances.

By now, everyone has an opinion of Trump but not everyone knows about 2025. That is where our energies should be directed. The overturn of Roe prevents anyone from being able to credibly claim that the 2025 Plan can never happen. And, the burning of the bedrock rule that no one is above the law should convince even the doubters that there is no bottom to what Trump and Co. will attempt AND likely succeed at passing. If Joe Biden chooses to stay in the race (I have mixed feelings) then the American Heritage/Trump plan for our future should be slammed every time he opens his mouth until there is no one left who does not know about it.

It will be interesting to see if the MSM comes around as surely they must know that journalists and news sources are the first victims when Fascism takes control.


Not if Biden wins.