Trump Shamelessly Attempts To Pressure Georgia Gov To Overturn Election Results | Talking Points Memo

ATLANTA (AP) — President Donald Trump fruitlessly pressed Georgia’s governor on Saturday to call a special legislative session aimed at subverting the presidential election results in that state as Trump’s fixation with his defeat overshadowed his party’s campaign to save its majority in the Senate.

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Personally, I believe he should be arrested and jailed at 12:01 PM on January 20th.

Enough is enough.


Trump crime family still crimin’


Maybe he’ll insist he can fire Kemp too?


As Josh already noted, this is a crime. Plain and simple.


OT, but I’m sure Melania was gonna get around to this very very soon…

Soon as she completes her degutting of the Rose Garden.


Georgia governor said, “Nyet!”

Oh, that was someone else. Kemp said “No way, Jose.”

@agnesbee Right after Trump delivered a new and improved health care plan for all Americans.



I’m with you. This has gone over the line. It isn’t just “letting him get used to the idea.” He’s trying to overthrow the government that was just elected.



Bigger and more blatant every time.


“Shamelessly attempts.” How cute. It’s called a criminal act, “editor.” Kemp saying no doesn’t make it otherwise.


trump is jonesin’ for a victory high.


He’s just cruising for more bruising loss.


And letting him get used to the idea was ludicrous to begin with. He shits on the world every day and the GOP wants us to coddle his monstrosity. I say no.


He’s really screwing the peach today.


I couldn’t agree more. He’s supposedly the fucking President, not a toddler his mother is trying to wean.


A crime is a crime, and he’s guilty of many. But what strikes me about today’s crime is just how stupid it is.

So say Donnie gets Brian Kemp (who knows something about stealing elections) to illegally change the results in Georgia. So what? Donnie still loses and Biden still takes office on Jan. 20. Does he think he can get several governors to illegally change their state’s election results to benefit him? Or is he just so massively damaged that he wants to be able to claim he didn’t lose by as much as he did?


If the Supremes ever EVER wanted to green light a self-pardon, Trump has all but made it impossible
upholding a self-pardon would reify the argument that a man can serve as his own judge and that the president, unlike every other American is above the law. NO originalist justice will or can accept this. If trump had not been such a blatant and poor and obvious simple self-aggrandising criminal they may (MAY) have considered the merits of such a specious argument but outside of uncle Thomas and Justice Alito … i don’t think trump gets a win. Alito may even vote against him once he is out of office.
the ability to self-pardon means that 4 years of this kind criminality, for any president – see now establish precedent (as soon as he pardons himself – which he will), can go without consequences now that we know the GOP president’s party holds loyalty to the leader and party over the constitution.
and they would never dare give a dem or Biden this power. it cuts both ways. Thank you Donny. You found the gap, exploited it and closed it like a (crime) boss that you are, and always will be. You only care about yourself. Period.


The other day I saw something about all this has more to do with stopping Biden from getting 306 electoral votes. Trump knows he lost and the CONs know he lost but if they can get one state thrown out then Biden doesn’t hit 306, which Trump had in 2016 and claimed was a mandate. They know it doesn’t change the outcome and it’ll adjust the threshold of needed votes but it’d temper the orange man baby’s ego and allow the RepubliCONS to, of course, claim there is no mandate.


They’re worried that Trump is stoking so much suspicion about Georgia elections that voters will think the system is rigged and decide to sit out the two races, where Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler are trying to withstand Democrats Jon Ossoff and Raphael Warnock, respectively, and keep the Senate under Republican control.

Gee, I sure hope that doesn’t happen, even though we all know that the Georgia run-off election is rigged, and there’s no sense in any Republican voter showing up, just to be made to look foolish again. Pass it along.


He wants to avoid prison and financial collapse, and this blatant crime proves he’s desperately desperate.