Trump’s Properties Charging Secret Service Hefty Rates For Stays | Talking Points Memo

The Secret Service is spending big at President Donald Trump’s properties, forcing taxpayers to foot the bill.

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Grifters gotta grift. I wonder if Putin charges usury rates on his loans.


This is fine.

Let’s get back to attacking the DNC for the problems in the Iowa caucus.


So what this tells me is that Trump properties don’t offer a loyalty program, (yes I understand federal spending regs).
Would have been cheaper if the SS had put everything on a cash back credit card.


I don’t suppose the moderators at the debate will bring this up, but I hope some of the candidates pivot to it and talk about whether they will punish this abuse of power and misuse of tax dollars or just “heal the nation,” and about what they will do to make sure nobody else gets away with this crap.



According to invoices obtained by the Washington Post and its unnamed sources, the Trump Organization charged the President’s security detail $650 per night in 2017 for their stays at Mar-A-Lago dozens of times.

Although I have no doubt that Chiselin’ Trump’s properties are overcharging for accommodations for Chiselin’ Trump’s security detail, it’s not clear from this statement that this is actually happening. In fact, this statement suggests otherwise. I’m sure that there are several people on Chiselin’ Trump’s security detail. $650 per night seems pretty cheap for the entire security detail. If, on the other hand, the $650 per night figure is per person or per room, then this article should make that clear.


Equal opportunity screwer.some deeper than others.


Nearly all hotels and accommodations used by federal personnel offer a deeply discounted federal rate, not to exceed a certain amount per night. (The airlines do the same thing, so when any federal employee flies commercial, up to and including cabinet secretaries, they should be doing so at the pre-negotiated government rate.)

There is no ethical reason that Mar-a-Lago is not offering this government lodging rate to the Secret Service who stay there when on the Presidential detail.


Damn, there’s going to be some expensive egg on R Senator’s faces.


I remember when he told us he would save us money cause he was so rich he’d pay for all this shit himself.

Also he wouldn’t play as much golf as Obama.


If this was a Dem President doing this, the Repub playbook would go something like this:

  1. Drudge/The Hill writes this same story of President wasting tax payer dollars.
  2. Fox News runs the story all day "President __ steals tax payer money to fund his golf trips and family vacations.
  3. CNN/Reuters/AP pick up and run the story for weeks while peppering every Dem member of congress willing to be interviewed about whether its “the right thing for tax payers to foot the bill for Pres.'s golf trips?” to which they must answer no its not a prudent way to spend tax dollars.
  4. Fox News then puts these clips on a loop for weeks showing bipartisan agreement that this is all very inappropriate.
  5. Republican then send out campaign emails, social media posts, and make floor speeches about how Pres is corruptly using tax payer money, cant be trusted, and is maligning the highest Office in the land… and oh my, what else might the Pres be using tax payer money for? Maybe we should investigate?
  6. Dem President makes public apology

(Sorry for rant)


CNN and the WaPo have both published stories about how much this is costing us.


And that’s what’s known as an “arm’s length transaction”.


In the same year, Trump’s company also charged Secret Service a rate of $17,000 a month when agents stayed at a cottage merely consisting of three bedrooms at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

Wait a minute - why would the Secret Service need to stay anywhere outside of Washington for one or more entire months, or enough of a month to be charged a monthly rate?


Or the long arm of the lawless.


The only issue I have with this cartoon is the fact that they show them breaking into the Treasury. In reality, it’s more of a conga line through the front door.


Next stop Broadway and London’s West End.


I watched that clip at Mediaite yesterday. Wasn’t even slightly funny. Kind of pathetic.
We should have Alec Baldwin read Trump’s tweets on stage.


Human double cheese and ham omelettes.