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President Trump is still espousing a conspiracy theory about the DNC servers hacked by Russians in 2016.

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Words fail.

ETA: This from Daily Beast (but paywall, sorry…)


Trump called the 2016 election a “disaster”

I’m still waiting to drop dead, or be struck by lightning, but for once, I agree with Donald Trump.


He can’t accept that he lost the popular vote, in spite of all the Russian help.


When I think about Spanky, I’ve come to believe he’s the perfect embodiment of the old saw “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean everyone isn’t out to get you.”


If it consoles you: I believe his understanding of the 2016 election being a disaster is completely different than yours.


When it’s all you’ve got left ….


How so? We’re upset that he was elected, and he demonstrates daily that he’s upset that he was elected. He’d be off happily pretend-firing people, yelling at his undocumented workers on his golf courses and making bank, not facing a raft of coming financial charges for various crimes and the destruction of his brand.


His Orangeness is getting increasingly desperate.

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Good point. :grin:


they went through hell

Over the weekend, a few places quietly reported the news that the investigation of Mrs. Clinton’s email server was finished, and found nothing. Shhhhh…

Just like the day President Clinton’s term ended, and it was oh-so-quietly reported that the Whitewater investigation had ended, and found nothing.

Donald, you don’t know hell. But you will.


I dunno… I’m sure he’s not happy and thought being President would be just like being CEO of his business, only better. But there are compensations. He’s protected 24/7 by the Secret Service, and he gets saluted every time he boards Marine One or Air Force One. People have to defer to him because he’s President, not for any other reason (like being actually fit for the position).

It’s not what he thought it was, because he can’t run it like his business and he has opposition in the House and the press. But it’s the closest he’ll ever get to being King of the World, and every day he acts out that fantasy on Twitter. He’ll never give it up willingly.


his administration “went through hell.” “People were destroyed, their lives were destroyed,"

No sympathy from me. They accepted positions in Trump’s “administration” and are finding out that choices have consequences.


The fact that he either 1) is so mentally incompetent that he believes these various conspiracy theories, or 2) uses them within the power and authority of the office of the presidency to gain personal advantage or influence over others, are both reasons he is unfit and should be removed from office (I know, we’re in late double-digits or even triple-digits on reasons).


Was it at the Cabinet meeting or on Hannity yesterday when he was complaining about the impeachment and the media and said, basically, “The President should be able to run the country without all this crap.” He really thinks there is no place for or authority of the other branches of government or institutions of democracy.


You mean he’s trapped. Can’t access pornstars at will and just grab women by the crotch like he used to, since there’re always chaperones around.

Have you read his tweets? This isn’t a man who is enjoying his power, it’s someone who is scared shitless. Even in his moment of triumph, following the Mueller report dud, he managed to stay in gloat-mode for what, a full 24 hours?

No disagreement there…


@pluckyinky @valgalky23 Is this the precursor to a miraculous comeback victory, or is there a legitimate chance that he goes down?


or is there a legitimate chance that he goes down?:pray:

“If the facts are against you, argue the law.
If the law is against you, argue the facts.
If the law and the facts are against you,
pound the table and yell like hell”
― Carl Sandburg

The Extortionist-In-Chief has been there and done that but in his own trumpian and criminal way… he takes the “pound the table and yell like hell” into a more thuggish direction…

If all ends fail…

  • Manufacture the facts (via conspiracy theories)
  • Investigate the investigators
  • Attack the law, the fourth estate and facilitate genocide!