Trump, Ohio Governor Face Pressure To Act On Guns After Shootings

President Donald Trump and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine (R) are exploring their options on gun control measures, facing immense pressure after the mass shootings in Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas.

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Just a thought: Would we allow vehicles called assault cars on the road? It’s no coincidence that these mass shootings aren’t done with hunting rifles or shotguns…


This may be a case of a dinosaur unable to change to avert his own extinction. I really would be surprised if Trump even refrains from making this a campaign appearance,w only the creepiest of crocodile tears. As his festering resentment and sense of entitlement overflow in the following days- My God. What will we see?


Repeal the Second Amendment.


You mean that Gov. Abbott is not under pressure? I bet he could be. He should be.


Based on my former involvement in Ohio politics, I have concluded that DeWine is a typical religious nut who in private will simply shrug his shoulders and say the Lord works in mysterious ways and the victims have gone to a better place. And, blah, blah, blah, a good guy with a gun. And we mustn’t piss off the NRA!

He’ll do whatever he can to shift the legislative agenda back to abortion and contraception restrictions, and turning the Midwestern state he misgoverns into a hybrid of Alabama and Somalia.


Not gonna happen in your lifetime, or mine.


President Donald Trump and Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine ® are exploring their options on gun control measures,
Options = Nothing that offends the NRA
Jebus Tapdancing Christ
Ban the fucking assault weapons and the monster clips Universal background checks
They always talk like it’s the first occurrence
255 Mass shootings in 217 days
What does it take?
I just don’t know any more .If there was a mass shooting at a Trump rally?
Na Not even then such is gun lust


Would the shooters in El Paso or Dayton have stayed home and watched a ball game if “all” they had was a semiautomatic pistol? Or even a hunting rifle? Yes, those disturbed young men preferred assault rifles, but that doesn’t mean that they would have acted differently if there were no such thing.


Just because gun rights activists will eventually point this out, ‘AR’ stands for ArmaLite, not assult rifle. But of course it doesn’t really matter what it’s called when it’s killing.

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Maybe not, but it should.


All I have to say is in Ohio 9 dead and 20 injured in under a minute
Under a minute
Yes people would die with pistols and hunting rifles
But less people
Don’t let perfect solutions stand in the way of reducing the body count


They might have gone out shooting, but without high capacity semi-automatic weapons, the death toll would almost certainly have been much lower. The Dayton shooter killed 9 in 30 seconds before the cops were able to get him! Try doing that with a hunting rifle or even a six shooter pistol. And I do think the design, consciously mimicking battlefield designs, stimulates these “disturbed young men” to pretend that they are valiant warriors.


Nor does it have to. All rights come with limitations. Freedom of religion under the First Amendment doesn’t allow one to kill and claim God told you to do it. The NY Safe Act has been upheld by the courts, so plenty of reasonable gun laws are possible under the Second Amendment.


According to Politico, Trump is considering an executive order, as his aides believe the likelihood of Congress being willing to cooperate mid-election season is slim to none.

I hope Trump follows through on this. Between him and his staff whatever executive order he issues will assuredly be self-serving, shortsighted, ineffectual, insulting to crime victims, a wink and a nod to the NRA that they’re safe and generally all around a clusterfuck of inanities.


I have no confidence in DeWine at all. Does he support murder?

yep, there was a time when machine guns were outlawed. I think it started in the 30’s. They just made it almost impossible to purchase one even to this day with a process that isn’t worth the expense or effort.
Unless you absolutely have to own one for some reason and can afford it…


I sense the momentum finally shifting. Mass murders with guns are becoming more frequent and more lethal and many Americans are simply fed up as the body count piles up.

Moreover, the NRA leadership is in chaos and their finances a shambles. It doesn’t mean they’re not still powerful, but they are diminished.

I suspect a toxic brew of the gun culture mixed with the racial and religious bigotry Trump has helped unleash may result in a few changes around the edges. For more significant change, we’ll need Democratic leadership and probably a different SCOTUS.


The National Firearms Act of 1933 outlawed machine guns. At the time, gangsters and bank robbers were using Thompson submachine guns and Browning Automatic Rifles (the latter being Clyde Barrow’s favorite piece) and completely outgunning the cops.

That was the first year of FDR’s presidency. Remember him? A guy who actually thought that intelligent use of the instrumentalities of government could improve the lives of ordinary people, and protect the safety of the public at large. You know, as the Constitution says, to promote the general welfare.

No wonder the Right has been demonizing him for 85 years, with each and and every trope and insult they use now having gotten their first road tests against FDR in the 1930s.


Words to live by …