Trump Mocks Fauci Again With Imaginary Quote But Will ‘Keep Him Around’ | Talking Points Memo

President Trump continued mocking White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Anthony Fauci on Thursday, just days after the nation’s top expert on infectious diseases slammed the Trump campaign for misleadingly using his words in an ad without permission and out of context.

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I understood Fauci’s position at the NIH was not a political one and therefore the executive branch had no role in hiring or firing. But hey, minor details, amiright??

I should add, even were that not true, Trump – and narcissists in general – instinctively avoid situations that will expose their powerlessness and make them look weak. If he could fire Fauci, the backlash would be swift and very damaging to his ego. Ergo he would never bring himself to do it, he’s far too great a wimp.


Nineteen days, nineteen days, only nineteen more days…I think I can make it, I think I really can.


Trump still doesn’t understand why people won’t say that about him - including all those suburban housewives.

Time for Dr. Fauci to go rogue…


Come on donny. Poke at that hornet nest. It will be fun. Would I try and fool you? Come on. You can do it. It will be fun.


Continuing to attack Dr. Fauci is a brilliant eleven-dimensional chess scheme to regain the support of educated suburban women. Guys, I think we’re toast. There’s just no way to successfully compete against political instincts of this magnitude.


Donald J. Trump received a degree in Advanced Assholism, graduating with honors from Trump University.


Win or lose, he will fire Fauci on Nov. 4th.

Watch Trump’s remarks below:



I have an urgent appointment to stick knives in my own eyeballs, which unfortunately will need to take precedence…


More than ever before, Trump is showing himself to be one crazy, sicko SOB. Assuming he loses on November 3 – a dangerous assumption, perhaps – we can most assuredly expect him to go completely rogue and insane. More importantly, we should prepare to see him start to take revenge on the American people and the world.

This all will not end on the 3rd.


What a complete fucking moron.

And now he’s claimed that his “town hall” on NBC tonight is a set-up. Evidently, everyone’s most hated Jackass-O-Lantern is lacking his usual bluster. The prospect of losing everything (and possibly/hopefully going to jail) must be shaking his spurious confidence. Sad.


Trump fears Fauci.
Trump fears anyone who tells the truth.


"…Cuomo did the worst job of any governor in the United States,” Trump said

That’s why New York has this thing more or less under control while the Midwest looks like Europe in 1348.

Keep Fauci around? Well, as I’ve said before, Trump could dismiss him from the task force in a minute, but Fauci’s gig at the NIAID has nothing to do with Trump, and it would take a lot of skulduggery and paperwork to remove him. Trump doesn’t have time for that, and I expect Biden would hire him right back again.


Sorry, Donnie, you are really and truly Fauci’d…


Right, Fauci is a career civil servant not a political appointee. Trump can’t fire him directly. Or even indirectly by orders to his appointee superior without it blowing up in his face, because there are built-in protections. Fauci could contest it, and go through a review process.

Trump is just power-tripping here, acting as if Fauci serves at his pleasure like any political appointee. He doesn’t.


OT: Ugh, I just saw a headline pop up about Trump getting cheers by suggesting that U.S. Marshals executed Reinoehl and had no intention to arrest him. I need a break from this fucking piece of soulless human excrement and will go back on hiatus until I’ve watched the 6 movies I rented from the video store.


Yup, he bragged about ordering an extrajudicial killing -murder.


Maybe bowing to dear leader just ain’t going to happen.