Trump May Have Back-Tracked But The GOP Has Supported Restricting Contraceptives For Years

In a Tuesday interview, former President Donald Trump said he was “looking at” restrictions on contraceptives, adding that he thinks it’s “a smart decision.” Later that day he completely reversed his earlier statement in an all-caps Truth Social post. 

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The GOP, and Trump included, cannot cope with sex. No matter the aspect of sex, they freak out. Weird.


Fat guy can’t be believed, and will just do whatever makes him feel good at the time.


One of the arguments that the GOP has against contraceptive medications is that they cause abortions. Perhaps the question is to ask him to clarify that he recognizes that they aren’t the same thing.
It won’t matter when they decide to do it since logical consistency isn’t important to the GOP, but it should be an interesting answer.


In a time of exponential population growth, it’s hard to think of anything more suicidally stupid than opposing birth control. There it is.: Mango’s new Wall.




Unless they’re Beth Van Duyne and get caught in the act…but being a Republican Jay-Zuss forgives you!


1 - more babies
2 - ? (actually, cheap labor)
3 - profit!

ETA: liberal immigration policy achieves the same result, but can’t have all those brown people entering the country!


For a story asserting that “Many in the Republican Party” want to ban contraceptives, I count exactly one GOP official quoted as wanting to ban contraceptives.

Also, “birth control and other contraceptives” was stupidly redundant when trump said it. Don’t repeat it unironically, as in the last section of the story.


4 - younger workers
5 - older workers
6 - more people paying into Social Security

I remember Sam Brownback saying this to a group of high school senior girls when he was running for US Senate.


Yes, but Republicans are like roaches. Where there’s one, there’s at least 10,000 more.


I can’t find the clip right now, but Lawrence O’Donnell had a segment on why TFG spoke out against contraception. He pointed out his initial fumbling when asked and the typical 'we’ll have a beautiful plan" bs, followed by his campaigm putting out a statement “clarifying” his position that oh, no, he isn’t against it, to ultimately his Truth Social all caps rant about “birth control.” And yes, he put it in quotes.

O’Donnell said what was mentioned here by some posters - that he was too stupid to understand the word “contraception.” I’m certain he’s right.


Republicans often do not say the quiet part out load, for example when certain SCOTUS members were asked about Roe as settled law at Senate hearings at their confirmation hearings.

Better to judge them by what they do, as for example in votes for contraception that would support family planning.


Just a reminder that Christopher Rufo is leading the charge to end public education, repeal all child labor laws and force kids into the workplace to replace them there “illegals” that Reichführer Steven Miller will round up…


What a peckerhead
trump doesn’t edit well

This from cnn…

" Followers of former President Donald Trump were meant to be startled when they were sent an email Tuesday, addressed from “President Trump,” with this arresting subject line:

“They were authorized to shoot me!”

The preview line in the email did not back down.

“I nearly escaped death. Biden’s DOJ was locked and loaded for deadly force at Mar-a-Lago …”

Literal readers of Trump’s message might wonder: Is this a cry for help from physical harm? "
… … … … …
If he “nearly escaped death”"…well…doesn’t that mean they got him? That is what he literally is saying. THEY GOT ME!!!

In truth the FBI warrant search at Mar-a-Lago in August of 2022 was designed to happen when trump was in New York about 1200 miles away and not one shot was fired.


Recall the “Bracero” program of the mid '60s that recruited teenage kids to pick strawberries and other produce so as to replace migrant farm workers. The kids couldn’t get back home fast enough. It was pretty much a big runny cow flop.


Many of the GOP’s brains must be the size of a ping pong ball that bounces around in a empty skull.
When it passes near their mouths they say something but they have no idea what they said or what they mean.


Every Faux News personality was screaming it from the rooftops. And I’m certain every one of them knew that “authorization for deadly force” has been on every warrant of this type for the FBI for 70 years.

Wasn’t this in the documents that he convinced Loose Canon to release? So he knew it was coming.


And will it make one bit of difference to the Stepford Wives?

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And there used to be pro-choice Republicans before the forced birthers took over the party. Now that they got what they wanted on Roe, they are turning their outrage on contraceptives.