Trump Lawyers Say We Have ‘All The Information.’ But There’s Still So Much We Don’t Know. | Talking Points Memo

There’s still so much we don’t know about the Ukraine scandal.

But in the words of President Trump’s defense attorney Patrick Philbin late last night, “all the information is out, now.”

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"It’s a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two mockeries of a sham."


Captain Smith, that looks like an iceberg, doesn’t it?


“No, First Mate Hazelwood. Tis merely a Fata Morgana reminding us to chill plenty of champagne to celebrate this most memorable maiden voyage.”

“This is the best cruise ever!”
— Francesco Schettino, captain of the Costa Concordia


It’s not over until it’s over, cont.
Drippage, drainage, and leaks (plus other plumbing metaphors) about this Rogue Administration will continue until Election Day and further besmirch the RepubliCons, all of whom deserve to be placed on the ash heap of history.


I would still like to know more about how the Hill’s John Solomon got picked to disperse the first of the conspiracy theories? And who at the Hill was suppose to monitor John’s pieces? Labeling them “opinion” after the fact shouldn’t absolve them of their part of this mess.

ETA: yes I know it’s small piece of the whole shebang, but we’re suppose to be on the look out for propaganda, the Hill failed.


Well, let’s face it: There is plenty of evidence. Indeed, the fact that the Mango Mussolini, his lawyers and his congressional allies complained so much that the evidence is insufficient is the best proof that there is lots of it.

The problem is not the evidence, but the determination to disregard it. Not lack of proof but lack of will, and lack of disrespect for the law.

And, to be honest, the real reason we wanted witnesses was to prolong the agony for Trump, particularly beyond the SOTU.

Be that as it may, it’s still mightily depressing.


All the information is already out?? Then are they ever going to be surprised with what comes out over the next several months.

Not calling witnesses was a short-sighted move that will absolutely backfire. What excuse will they have when information that was knowable to them breaks in the near future. Oh, I’m sure they’ll have their talking points, but it will be scarcely believable.


Of course there is. And of course we all knew this would happen. So what next??

Maybe, create a special committee in the House, begin subpoenaing witnesses, and go to the mat in the courts to test what can/cannot be “protected” under executive privilege. But at this point, I don’t know if it is politically worth it. Once the gavel falls in the Senate, I think the population will be ready to move on, and continuing to drag this out may be a damaging play.

Other than that, November November November. We thought November 8, 2016 was the day that mattered. Well, now it’s November 3, 2020. If the R’s hold the Presidency, I don’t see a glimmer of hope. If they hold the Senate, not as bad, we can look to the more favorable 2022 election and hope to win back the Senate then. But regardless, D’s have to go into full war mode, because this is truly a Cold Civil War. Follow the R’s lead in expanding Executive Power to achieve as much as we can. Look to bypass the Electoral College by State law or Amendment. Introduce an Amendment to put term limits on the Supreme Court. Get aggressive in expanding voter rights and democracy so that the “will of the majority” actually happens. Etc etc.

First and foremost, as Josh has said, we need to make every R Senator own this, and we have to do all we can to sway every voting citizen (along with our youth) that this is, frankly, Un-American.

I’m hoping someone organizes a march on the Capitol, because I will pull my kids out of school and drive through the night to be there, with a big sign that says “GET THE FUCK OUT!”


The GOP didn’t call the Bidens as witnesses because they know the Russian smear has no merit, so providing the Bidens an opportunity to defend themselves risks undercutting the propaganda campaign. (We might call this the opposite of the Mueller Rule: only attack people in a context where they are unable to defend themselves. This is also why Trump wants the whistleblower outed – because Trump can then use the bully pulpit to discredit him or her with impunity.)

Trump & his GOP had 2 goals with the trial:

  1. avoid punishing Trump
  2. use it to launch the Biden smear

Item #2 was accomplished by Philbin, last last night, when he wrongly misapplied Dersh’s insane Constitutional theory to the hypothetical Biden case.

Philbin deliberately goofed on his application of Dersh’s theory because Trump & Putin know that hyper-intellectual liberals will be unable to stop themselves from dissecting Philbin’s error for anyone who will listen, thereby also repeating the substance of the Russian allegations against the Bidens.

With their goals accomplished, the trial serves no further purpose, and can now be dispensed with.

We should all take care that we don’t become unwitting pawns in Putin’s sophisticated disinformation scheme to help Trump. Do not engage. Do not spread Russian lies. Not everyone has been vaccinated against them.


As much as we already know, and as incredibly damning as it is, I can almost guarantee there is much more jaw-dropping stuff we don’t know, and they’re desperate to hide.

What’s on that classified server, for example, would sink his chances of re-election, imo.


Make several of those signs…every GOP Senator who votes against witnesses and/or for acquittal needs to be told the same thing.


But in the words of President Trump’s defense attorney Patrick Philbin late last night, “all the information is out, now.” *

* Some exclusions apply. Offer excludes testimony, email, voicemail, texts, and contemporaneous notes from Donald Trump, Mike Pence, Mick Mulvaney, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, Pat Cipollone, Rick Perry, John Solomon, Rudy Giuliani, Lev Parnas, and Igor Fruman.


A third goal, stated repeatedly, is to keep the Senate under GOP control next year.


My way of thinking is this is not about Trump but who is really in charge other then Putin.
The real story is Catholic Barr or Evangelical Pompeo , with Putin’s help, who will rule our country. Moscow Mitch will side with whoever Putin backs.


never mind

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Are there many pictures in the fine print? Asking for a failed President.


so you are saying there will be no change whatsoever?


With 53 votes the rethugs can call anyone the want: germane to the case or not. I suggest Irasdad be called first


OMG so much oil has been spilled since the drunken Hazelwood hit the rocks outside of Valdez and poisoned Prince William Sound that the human mind fills up with atrocity and is incapable of remembering all that has happened. Thanks for the reminder, I guess. The Sound has never recovered and the once enormous Herring runs no longer happen. They have never recovered. Exxon’s latest sham investigation blames it on the creation of Salmon hatcheries coincidental to the demise of the Herring insinuating that the young salmon are eating the young herring. It’s bullshit and they know it just as the decision by GOPers to not hold a real trial is bullshit and now they have to invent excuse after excuse to cover their craven fealty to a madman and his mad supporters. It’s a dark day in America.