Trump Insists COVID-19 Is ‘Going Away.’ Record Numbers Of New Cases Say Otherwise. | Talking Points Memo

As President Donald Trump suggested the coronavirus was winding down around the country during the final presidential debate of the election Thursday, the United States set a record high for new cases in a single day — 77,000 — a total that surpasses an earlier record set in July.

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Fires go out when there’s nothing left to burn


Just because you keep saying it, doesn’t make it true.



Actually, it’s COVID-45 that’s FINALLY going away on November 3rd.


The Black Death went away eventually, come to think of it, after killing a third of the population of Europe, or two thirds, they’re not sure. They handled it about like we did; the rich fled the population centers because they could afford to, the poor died because they couldn’t. It was what it was. We could have done better but we put a crazy ignoramus in charge, with predictable results. Cases shooting upward in my state. No testing. My doctor and I were talking about it yesterday, but not much, because there’s nothing to say. He said bitterly that the way to get tested was to be a major league athlete.


The one item and the only item that The Turnip is correct about is that we are tired of COVID. That does not mean we open up, forget any lessons learned, or we go back to our complacent lives. What it means is that we continue to be cautious, continue to help others, that we prepare based on the lessons learned for the next pandemic and the next and the next.


The major difference so far is that we’ve put the rats in charge.


True, but it took 2 and 1/2 centuries.


If Trump did manage to kill off a third of the population (god forbid), you just know his followers would be singing his praises for opening us up for a new Renaissance.


Hey it is not like he knew there was a huge radioactive cloud coming our way and he refused to acknowledge it and denied us adequate protective equipment…



To carry the fire analogy a little further. There’s a huge amount of fuel left for Covid-19 to consume. Should we let it burn out naturally? Should we ignore the warnings from experts about how to control the spread? Would we ignore the experience of trained fire-fighters when the flames are raging over the hill, just because they haven’t burned our house down yet? Or should we listen to the experts and trained personnel fighting the disease just as we follow the recommendations of the firefighters for when to acknowledge that the fire is out of control and we can’t carry on as normal but need to listen to their guidance to protect human lives.


Numbers are going up in Oklahoma and our Governor thinks that if we redirect sick people from full hospitals to hospitals that aren’t quite as full he will have done his job. Our state epidemiologist holds a Master’s of Public Health and the State Public Health officer is a veterinarian. It’s not that we don’t have people with MDs who specialize in this area, it’s that we can’t take this seriously because it will fly in the face of Republican dogma.


One of the things it did in Europe was break the backs of a bunch of oligarchs and empower the middle class. Even improved the value of labor.
I don’t think our oligarchs want to see that.


Here in Cincinnati, where the local media is so Trump-friendly that they pre-empt the local news to cover a Mike Pence campaign speech in full, COVID danger is constantly present in the local news. School problems, first responder issues, and even sports coverage highlight the now dangerous spread going on in Hamilton County and the rest of Ohio. COVID “going away” happy talk just won’t cut it here. The local media, even Sinclair, is trumpeting the COVID is everywhere story primarily because it is. That Trump has no answer for this is the unstated premise of all the local coverage: an absence of any Federal presence to assist local communities, along with the stinginess made evident by the resistance of Republicans to COVID relief at the Federal level. It’s clear: Help is not on the way.


Apparently we should go rake the leaves out of the forest…


So, what has Moscow Mitch got?

5Hands and lips

Doesn’t look like coronavirus. I wonder he will have to go to the hospital before Monday’s vote for Handmaid Barrett?


In another post I mistakenly noted the Karona King reached in his pocket during last night’s debate and produced a packet of his much-promised COVID-19 vaccine.


It is not — repeat NOT — a vaccine. It is a CURE. Please make a note of it.


Cincinnati is a wonderful city … but one that Trump would only go to if he was thoroughly assured that it would be very well worth his time … and that the time would be brief … and that the locals would be kept at a distance.


Trump just held a super-spreader rally in Gastonia, NC. NC has the virus in some semblance of control but this event could push us over the edge. We would be doing a lot better if the MAGAT’s would wear masks but that obviously infringes on their personal freedom to infect others with a deadly disease. We stopped going to nearby stores because so few people were wearing masks and now drive to the Asheville stores where virtually everyone is wearing masks.


The one thing that should’ve been clear after Hurricane Katrina is that the last thing you want, if you live in a region vulnerable to any kind of natural disaster, is Reactionary national governance. Covid - 19 reinforces a lesson that could have been learned 15 years ago.
By the same token, the housing derivatives disaster could have taught us that no good comes from Reactionary management of the national economy. Yet, here we are in 2020 - 21, again facing a prospective national economic failure.
Tell me, again, what collective good is it these assholes are supposedly bringing to the table?