Trump Defense Lawyer Thinks Violent Capitol Footage ‘Does Nothing For Healing’ | Talking Points Memo

Impeachment defense lawyer David Schoen appeared to take a break from his job of defending former President Donald Trump on Wednesday night to wear the hat of the great unifier — suggesting that graphic newly-released video by impeachment managers from the deadly Capitol attack last month “does nothing for healing.”

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Healing is impossible until the infection is eradicated.


What’s that old expression?

‘Hell, no, we ain’t fergettin’

You know why he’s saying this too… consider his audience on Faux and consider that he’s trying to defend the indefensible. What was shown yesterday was horrific on a lot of levels, but the Faux viewers saw none of it.

He’s just whinging because his case isn’t even remotely close to as solid, but he’s doing the victory lap because he also knows the GOP won’t come close to convicting, even if his defense is to read ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ from the podium.


The endless footage of the planes crashing into the Towers on 9/11 did nothing to promote healing between Americans and Al Qaeda.


“Parading around the crime scene photos of Sharon Tate’s body does nothing for healing this traumatized community,” said Charles Manson’s lawyer.


Heal this motherfucker


Healing requires remorse from the criminals. W/O that, there will be no healing.


The big question is: how to convince Republican Senators to vote to convict? Trump’s defenders will point out ad nauseum that Trump did not tell them them explicitly to break in and try to find members of Congress.

I think Trump’s failure to concede, and his ongoing statements that the election was stolen, even on the day of the riot, are major points to hammer on. That’s the kindling he lit and fanned starting soon after the election.

Al Gore conceded very soon after SCOTUS ruled re Florida, as screwed up as that decision was in not truly eliciting the will of the people of Florida.

Show the Senators tapes of Gore conceding, and add clips of others (Bush the first, Carter, etc.) who lost after one term. Show what a true patriot does, and then ask them what they want for America.


Jesus Christ on a hoverboard, what a fucking asshole. And I guess prosecuting Jeffrey Epstein would have been bad for his victims?


The stench of horseshit is strong from this one. Insert your own Jeffrey Dahmer joke here.


Oh, so this is a trial about healing, what happened to a trial about justice.


Schoen is a man of complete amorality. Healing? That’s a word he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to understand. He may act the part of a religious man but he doesn’t have the slightest comprehension of why having a moral sense is important. Although I am no fan of Pence’s, I can’t get over the fact that the mob that Trump incited wanted to kill his Vice President and Trump gleefully sat in the White House watching his scum try to murder Congressmen and women.


Here’s an echo for YOU, motherfucker:

“Fuck your healings.”


I don’t think the Rethugs would vote to convict the criminal even if he told them to. I really hold no hope for them to convict.


A: It is impossible. Don’t try. This trial is not about convincing GOP traitors to the Republic.

It’s about convincing the polity, and damning these assholes before the bar of history.

On the basis of the 100-person Zoom meeting yesterday about forming a center-right party: it’s also about the end of the GOP as a viable political competitor. They’re ceding to the lunatics.


It’s pretty clear that Schoen lacks any shame in his DNA.


Oh sure. This is more about heading off a “Lost Cause” narrative that would enable Trumpers to cast their behavior in 2020 as a noble defense. It’s the new Confederate Flag in the back window of the pick-up truck.

fwiw, my father was a lifelong Democrat and a lifelong pick-up truck owner-but fifty years later I can’t think of a pick-up truck without hearing a rebel yell.


Oh do shut up. Healing will happen when we hold those accountable for the wound. Good GOD these people whine…and FOX provides the platform.


You want healing? Buy a bottle of Bactine and a tube of Neosporin.

This isn’t a scraped knee gotten while rollerblading. This is sedition, you ridiculously stupid motherfucker.


To be fair, the first step in solving a problem is not admitting you have a problem.