Trump Committed To Crafting Alternate Reality Where He’s Winning

In a truth that may be belied by the hyper-anxiety of online Democrats, things are not looking so good for President Donald Trump in the last week of the campaign. 

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The last presidential debate, Trump’s best chance to change the narrative in front of a large audience, didn’t seem to move the needle.

Imagine the plight of the White House aides who convinced Trump to behave “better.”


Trump has been avidly tweeting that we are just about to “turn the corner” on COVID-19, and that media chumps are the only ones fixated on the “topic.”

Even our youngest great-grandchildren are smarter than that.

My informal research suggests that if the voting age were lowered to, say, fifteen, Trump might win as many as zero electoral votes.


TPM, you had me at “Trump Committed”…


TRUMP is an alternate reality. No one could possibly be as corrupt and stupid as Donald Trump is.


Steiner Attack


“New York, California, Illinois. People are FLEEING, Taxes and Crime are going through the roof,” he tweeted. “VOTE *, I will turn it around, and FAST!”

I know he was busy with infrastructure, but what exactly has kept him from “turning it around” in, say, the last four years?


And, there aren’t $400 million in loans coming due…peanuts!



Promises made—Promises Promises :kissing_heart:


Laying the groundwork for claiming it was all stolen from him, just to salve his fragile ego.


In the fact optional world, artists like Phil Collins support impotus. That’s the only explanation for his continued use of “In the Air Tonight” at the rally that MSNBC insists on covering right now.


Luckily only those who already follow the mad man, looks at his tweets.


I can’t stand Phil Collins’ music, but in fairness, he did issue a cease and desist:


Here’s a little reality for ya donald
In Pima County AZ there are 602,697 registered voters according to our recorder’s office
Of those, 256,053 have chosen to vote early in person or by mail. That’s 42.4%!!
I am pretty confident we will top out somewhere near 70% voter participation when all is said and done. And that means trump will lose Pima County.
Took a look at Maricopa county where Phoenix is.
Five days ago 32% of registered voters had voted.
At this point in time…
2016… 552,000 early votes
2018… 487,000 early votes
2020 … (drum roll) … 837,000 early votes.
And Maricopa County’s numbers
republican … 918,368
I did not add green or libertarian or independents.
My feeling and reinforced by Mrs darr who has a temp gig at our elections dept is the democrats are gonna take Arizona. Mark Kelly for the Senate, my local Congresscritter Ann Kirkpatrick and Joe Biden all should win here.


Such things don’t apply to impotus. Neil Young issued one too. I kind of hope that impotus pisses him off.


I know very few who can.


Kate snarking about the TPM comment boards, I see.


“In the days leading up the election, Trump has curated an alternate reality on his Twitter feed where he’s winning”

Remember, his alternate reality was in full swing last election. And then he won despite all expectations except for outliers. My own opinion that this happened is because he didn’t actually win. Instead he and his friends messed with the system within a margin of plausibility. He told us he was winning regardless and then we had a bad, bad night. Except for the New Yorkers, most of this country had little understanding of what he says and is willing to do and fabricate to support his statements.

And here we have the man telling us the virus is going away and also telling us how opportune Coney-Barret is for him. His Republican friends are throwing sticks through spokes to slow, stop and even invalidate votes. And he is telling us he is going to win.

The difference between this alternate reality and the previous is we are watching him do it in front of our eyes. He is being blunt and desperate in his actions. But this round, his head winds are far stronger. His margin of plausibility is being out run so far by turn out and seemingly, voter choice.

That delusion is his, but right now it is the world he is trying to cast as being real. Voting and in numbers is the antidote to any of the games he is playing. So far, it looks like a good part of this country got the message. Lets hope it continues.


“The throughline of Trump’s alternate world is an ardent wish for a return to 2016, the good old days…”

Yeah. Me too.


There is Something in the Air Tonight - COVID-19.