Trump Camp’s List Of ‘Fraud’ In NV Is A Bust: Includes Hundreds Of Absentee Military Voters | Talking Points Memo

A list of voters accused by lawyers representing the Trump campaign of “criminal voter fraud” for absentee ballots submitted in Nevada, contains hundreds of overseas military post office boxes and more than 1,000 locations where military personnel are stationed across the United States, reported. 

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Damn it. That “real evidence” requirement is really screwing up Cadet Toadglans mit der Bone Spurs von Queens’ fevered (sewer) pipe dreams again.


Absentee military voters? Just more suckers and losers…


Yep. Bad PR.


Slick as hell these clowns. Accuse military families of fraud. If you’re lucky maybe they’ll be gentle when they escort you out of the WH. It would be instructive to consider what’s going to happen to you as soon as you’re out of power as you burn bridges and threaten with abandon. Grievance is the one thing i thought you would understand, and vengeance. Don’t get too comfy.


this is getting real old really quick.
trumps a loser, period
now make him go away, permanently please


Can anyone Imagine the reaction if Barack Obama, in an alternate outcome, had thrown a tantrum after a loss to Romney and not only refused to concede, but attacked the integrity of the election? The NYT and WAPO would have combined forces and immediately typed up a combination concession speech and resignation letter for Obama and demanded he concede and vacate the office on the spot.

It’s maddening that only Republicans get to throw tantrums and bloviate bullshit and practically every institution has to go out of their way to “stroke their tummies” because, “well, they have a point of view.”

Just because the goopers wrap themselves in the flag and religion, doesn’t mean they get a never ending supply of mulligans.


Bob Carey, a retired Navy captain who serves as chairman of the National Defense Committee told he believed the military voters had been included in the complaint by mistake.

“I believe that these military voters were included in the complaint mistakenly, and I believe a modified complaint will be filed to redact this,” Carey who has reached out to both the campaign and the Republican National Committee said.

Capt Bob, honey, they were just this stupid. This was not a mistake, it was a group of people who didn’t study for the test, and failed.


It’s not easy always being the adult in the room.
Personally I suspect the Republicans act this way because of poor toilet training.


actually it’s incredibly unbelievable what has become of our everyday life anymore in this country.
were going to round the corner soon and hope those who are to blind to see, go straight off the cliff.


I don’t blame the Dems for being too laid back and feckless; they are acting like responsible adults. I blame the political press for constantly acceding to expostulating GOP “post-modern truthiness signalling.

ETA. By political press, I mean the influential institutional press, not independent left of center outlets like TPM.


Give Capt. Bob a break, he’s clearly a republican, and is struggling to understand why his beloved party is shitting on Service members and their families.

Capt. Bob hasn’t been paying attention for a very long time.


Let’s not overlook the criminal activity of accessing the USPS database. Seems like that should be front and center in these articles when discuss the BS voter fraud allegations.


I think there’s a reason that Trump wants to throw out military ballots.


On Veterans Day, no less. Nice goin’, GOP!


“Voter fraud is a serious felony, one that cuts to the heart of our representative democracy,” attorneys Shana Weir and Jesse Binnall, wrote on behalf of the Trump campaign. “We understand these are serious allegations, and we do not make them lightly.”

Weir, who is based in Nevada, is in over her head in this case.

Binnall, who works out of Virginia, is a slightly different story.


[Bob Carey, a retired Navy captain:] “I believe that these military voters were included in the complaint mistakenly, and I believe a modified complaint will be filed to redact this,” Carey who has reached out to both the campaign and the Republican National Committee said.

Carey is a long-time Republican but I will say this about him: He has been working to protect the rights of military voters for two decades – and more power to him.


The opposite is true.


The political press is hopelessly stuck in “both siderism”. All of them are still on Cletus safaris too. Both of these things must make money for them and their mostly GOP ownership.


Veterans Day special.


Trump: I like veterans who don’t vote.


It’s always good to see Trump’s A-Team on the case! It seems like real lawyers with real experience in absentee ballots would know the rules about NCOA and military absentee voters, but these people clearly just slapped together the first thing that showed any sign of “irregularity” and then patted themselves on the back for a “job well done.”