Trump Camp Accuses CPD Of Enacting ‘Pro-Biden Antics’ Ahead Of Last Debate

President Trump isn’t holding back his efforts to work the refs ahead of his last presidential debate against Democratic rival Joe Biden this week.

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Trumpturds cannot stop whining… cancel the whole things. Biden doesn’t need the debate.


In a scathing letter issued to the Commission on Presidential Debates on Monday, Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien griped about the absence of foreign policy as one of the six topics selected for the final presidential debate

OK. Let’s talk about abandoning the Kurds to appease the Syrians, the Russians and the Turks. Let’s talk about the Russians placing bounties on the heads of our soldiers in Afghanistan. Let’s talk about the lack of Trump administration placement of blame on Russian interference in the 2016 election. Let’s talk about our withdrawal from the climate agreements. Let’s talk about our withdrawal from many treaties which creates a vacuum that China is only too happy to fill. Let’s talk about the ass-kissing of Kim Fat by The Dotard. Let’s talk about the enmity between Trump and our NATO allies. Let’s talk about Mexico paying for the wall that no one sane person would have built. Let’s talk about the destruction of families that enter our borders. I could go on and on…



Working the Refs? They’re preparing for another debate disaster. “Sleepy Joe” is a pretty good debater with a much better grasp of facts and policy than Trump. Trump is a horrible debater. Hopefully, this will be his last debate ever.




Oh, yeah. I’m sure Trump will be absolutely brilliant on foreign affairs, and Biden will be shown to know nothing. I’m really sure. /s


Lets talk about that laptop where there were photos of Trump and Ivanka?


Forget the debate BS Just administer an oral exam on Civics, Geography, and American History. trump would flunk even a multiple-guess test.


Yeah, his campaign is desperate for foreign policy questions because his submissive kowtowing to Putin and his love letters with mass murderer Kim Jong Un are sure fire election winners! As is his constant vilification of our traditional NATO allies and his schoolboy crushes (though not on the Putin or Kim level) on Duterte, Erdogan, Orban, etc.

To be fair, he and his campaign are so dumb that they probably think that foreign policy means Biden corruption in Ukraine and China and the kung flu (which, they insist with absolutely no self-awareness or irony, that China will absolutely pay for). But not his approval of Chinese concentration camps, of course.


Trump was coy about providing Covid test results. Trump attacked the moderator to work the refs. Stepien attacked and delegitimized the debate commission. It sure looks like they’re looking for the escape hatch from debate 3. I hope there isn’t a debate. We don’t need it. The campaign is over. It’s all about the voting now.


To him it’s just like golf.


Cheating to win?


In a scathing letter

“Scathing” implies some sensible contact with the target.

Stepien is incapable.


As others have pointed out, Trump is not a good debater – take away the ability to interrupt and shout at will and he is downright lousy – and Biden could probably beat him on virtually any subject a POTUS might be interested in regardless. But the subject Biden would beat him on the most thoroughly is the one Biden has specialized in for decades as both Senator and VP: foreign policy.


I wouldn’t be surprised if he is getting ready to bail on the debate. I hope he does—I don’t
think the country needs to see any more of maximum crazy Trump.


Who has “Wednesday” in the “when does Trump bail on the last debate?” pool? I’ll make you an offer.


I sure as hell won’t be watching this one.

Agreed. It won’t be any better for him than the last one. He’s incapable of behaving better. Whatever the topic is, he’ll just keep ranting about Hunter Biden. His keepers are looking for an excuse to bail.


Maybe setting up an excuse to back out. They were working on doing just that before he got Covid and the last debate was canceled. So, now they’re going to pretend everyone is out to get them by making candidates adhere to rules they both must follow and because the moderator was once a Democrat. It’s all getting even more pathetic than usual.


Excellent idea. Benedict Donald will fail every question regarding American history. This shit show cannot end soon enough.


I’m almost always in favor of more debate as opposed to less.

What Trump does isn’t anywhere close to debate.