Trump Allies Warn Against Feud With Michigan Governor

LANSING, Mich. (AP) — President Donald Trump’s allies are trying to contain a politically risky election year fight with Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer as he struggles to balance presidential politics with a global pandemic in one of the nation’s most important swing states.

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Trump is toast in Michigan in the fall. We will not forget the pandemic response, and the disrespect for both the state Government (esp. Gov. Whitmer) and our biggest employer (esp. Mary Barra). As a bonus you can also add disastrous shoreline flooding in the Great Lakes to the list of things that folks are seeing the Feds providing no assistance with, on top of their yearly efforts to de-fund the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.


“… I just didn’t like her trying to lay every problem at the president’s feet…”

“… because it’s getting in the way of my licking his boots.”


Clearly, Republicans are seeing Michigan slip further away. They can barely even muster a “both sides” response.

We live in a time when politics are tertiary. Too bad the dotard can’t see beyond his own reelection.


Leave it to Covidiot Trump…QPQ with some governors in times of Coronavirus…UNFIT to be POTUS!

America, let’s face it, we are fighting 3 viruses:

  1. Covid19 virus

  2. Covidiot-45 virus aka Trumpism

  1. Greediot-52 virus


More insider trading from Greed-Over-People Party Loeffler!


As first lady Melania Trump noted almost exactly four years ago, “When you attack him he will punch back 10 times harder.”

Battered wife syndrome?


The definition of “irony” is Mr. Best Brain calling anyone a half-wit.


From Chiselin’ Trump’s perspective, being called a “half-wit” should be considered a compliment.


Michigan has 16 electoral votes and on Michigan social media people are being reminded that tRump told Pence not to call that woman in Michigan because she didn’t show enough appreciation.


The problem here is that in saying, “both sides need to tone it done!” what these people are really saying is, “stop complaining that the Trump administration is leaving you high-and-dry as your state struggles. It’s true, but just don’t say anything.” If these states aren’t getting the help they’re asking for either the federal government can’t help them, or intentionally isn’t helping them. Either way that’s a failure and needs to be treated as such.


A spokeswoman for Republican state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey had this to say when asked about Trump’s declaration that Pence should not call Whitmer: “The Senate majority leader believes everyone is coping with an unusual amount of stress during this time.”

Maybe not aware he’s echoing, or let’s say paraphrasing, President Camacho:


"Meanwhile, Republican Bill Schuette, whom Whitmer defeated in 2018, praised Trump’s leadership managing the pandemic but also said “we need to lay down the politics” in response to questions about the president’s divisive comments and her performance during the crisis.

“This is not a time for partisanship,” Schuette said. “This is a time of working together in an open, honest fashion. That’s what people expect and deserve, particularly in a time of crisis.”"

Anyone whose BS meter does not peg out when a scumbag like this starts waving the “no politics” flag needs to reexamine their personal judgment.


Because that is what is important and not that his tantrum could result in thousands of unnecessary deaths. Fuck you and your inside baseball framing bull shit AP.


Trump was not going to win Michigan. This just puts it further out of reach. The republican refusal to defend trump here is a reflection of their real worry - they are going to get killed down ballot. People died while Michigan republicans acted like fascist-boot lickers for their out of control incompetent malignant narcarsist…


He was very upside down in Michigan before this even happened. And the fact that Biden swept the state vs. Sanders didn’t go unnoticed either…that a big hit to the “3rd party divide” strategy that barely got him the state in 2016, that they were counting on in 2020.

But I do hope all his “allies” are telling him to cool it. Because his history has shown that when people tell him to do something, he MUST do the opposite, just to show that he is in charge.


Beats me why none of these Republican critics say things like I just didn’t like her trying to lay every problem at the president’s feet” or " I didn’t think it was helpful and why play that game" but won’t say that Gov. Witmer was right and tRump is doing a terrible job.


allies quietly note that [Trump] did not consider the likely political ramifications

If those allies had been paying attention they would have loudly noted that Trump does “not consider the likely political ramifications” of anything he says or does.


I came here to write angry words at the AP, but I see I have been beaten to the punch! Well, let me add to the punching then!

as he struggles to balance presidential politics with a global pandemic in one of the nation’s most important swing states.

What a fucking mealy-mouthed anodyne bullshit phrasing of his Twitter tantrums. He shouldn’t be considering presidential politics at all during a global pandemic! SAY THAT TO YOUR READERS, AP! THIS IS NOT NORMAL!

Edit to add: alright that is not entirely fair. Any president in a re-election year has to consider the election, but the consideration should be “how can I do my level best to protect the American people while minimizing mistakes or perceptions of mistakes that would hurt my reelection?”

Trump does it backwards: “how can I do my level best to get reelected, while maximizing the perception that I am protecting the American people?”


“These are times when the American people look for leaders. Leaders don’t whine. Leaders don’t blame.”

That’s your first problem: you assumed Trump was a leader.


ADULTS IN THE KITCHEN: “Donnie, don’t touch that stove!”

We know how that typically turns out.