Trump Aide Deletes PA Ballot Tweet: Dems Stealing The Election

After igniting a firestorm of MAGA indignation, a Trump campaign aide has deleted a tweet claiming Democrats were “trying to steal the election.”

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Republicans were “trying to steal the supreme court.”

Everything as usual

Tweet lie, delete lie. Feature, not a bug.

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In other Twitter news, GOP operatives continued to warn their followers that the Democrats were “fraudulently attempting to hold an election.”

“This has nothing to do with democracy,” asserted Chad Turgidson. “The sole reason they want to hold this election is to attempt to remove President Trumpp from office. They lost in 2016 and they just can’t get over it.”


9 ratfucked ballots = horror show
200,000 dead Americans - it is what it is


Could it be that the ‘Temporary Election worker’ who has been dismissed by Luzerne County for trashing the ballots was a Republican ratfucker. This really has all the feel and smell of a standard Republican dirty trick.


I agree, how did they know there were ballots in the garbage? Did someone see him throw them away, if so why didn’t they stop him. How did they know to go back three days? This has set-up written all over it.

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Because that was when the ‘temporary worker’ started there, and I guess the assumption is there was no need to go back further

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I imagine the person or persons responsible for putting them in the trash were the same ones that found them.