Trump Agrees That Brett Stephens Is A Bedbug: ‘He Loaded Up With Them!’

President Trump weighed in on the controversy surrounding a conservative New York Times columnist’s reaction to being compared to “bedbugs” on Twitter.

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En Sabah Numbnuts

“A made up Radical Left Story about Doral bedbugs”


“The conservative columnist was criticized on Tuesday for retaliating against a media professor at George Washington University who made a joke about him being the source of the “bedbugs” outbreak at the New York Times…”

@davekarpf didn’t say Bretbug Stephens was the source of the infestation. He called Bretbug a metaphorical bedbug.

“Stephens maintains that he wasn’t trying to damage the professor professionally, but rather, he wanted the school to know how Karpf was interacting “with the rest of the world.””

Which, of course, is complete bullshit. Bretbug wanted the professor to be fired.


The Asshole is strong with this one.


I’ve never been called a publicity genius but if I owned resorts that were known for a pattern of health code violations and had once settled a suit with a guest who’d been bitten up by bedbugs I’d be all ixnay on the edbugsbay and would stroll away if the subject came up.


The worst part is that you know that this morning Bret Stephens has uttered the phrase “If both sides are mad at you, you know you’re doing something right”, possibly the most idiotic cliche ever spit up from the bowels of the Centrist Village.

Pretty much everyone was mad at Bernie Madoff by the end, just to take one example, and almost no one thinks he was doing anything “right”.


Kushner’s properties have rats and roaches. Trump’s have bedbugs and roaches. Only the best places. Only the best bugs.
We can now expect bedbugs to join Trump’s limited vocabulary of insults.


Now, if he’d bilked the Wilpons for so much that they had to sell the Mets to owners who have a clue


Sorry but I’m inadequately equipped with East Coast/baseball familiarity to appreciate what I’m sure is a funny remark. Not being sarcastic.

I haven’t followed the sport since I used to play it myself as a kid, which was roughly the era when dinosaurs roamed the Earth or at least Candlestick Park.


So will Stephens copy Putin on his response?


If you look at the replies to the tweet that Karpf was replying to, he was not the first one to cite Stephens as an example of the bedbugs. Makes you wonder why, of all the tweeters who compared him to bedbugs, Stephens decided to go after Karpf.


I am from the East Coast. I have loved baseball my entire life. And sarcasm as well. And it isn’t a funny remark. NYC Rule of Thumb- Trump is only funny unintentionally.


Most people would do that but Donnie is of the school of thought (I know I kid) that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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Honest to Christ that stupid juvenile insulting POS just can’t HELP himself. What a complete waste of space and to think he is our PRESIDENT. Good God.


Yeah, but you didn’t help your Dad defraud the IRS, NY State and NY City of tens of millions of tax dollars. You didn’t charge New York City middle and working class tenants millions of dollars in fake major capital improvement rent increases. You did not inherit millions of dollars from your KKK member Dad. So, who are you to judge?


More stupid than the previous day.


In the very top echelons of the publicity field are people who are paid handsomely to deal with precisely that: bad publicity. They seem to be under the impression there’s such a thing, and so are the people who pay them. :rofl:


Yes, the dotard does know all about bedbugs.



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I think it was a joke about Bernie Madoff, not Donald Trump. Just saying.