Trump Admin Moves To Speed Up 2020 Census Count, Raising Alarms About Accuracy | Talking Points Memo

The Census Bureau is preparing to wind down certain decennial census operations a month earlier than planned, NPR reported Thursday, amid growing signs that the White House is pushing for a rushed count at the risk of undermining the decennial census’ accuracy.

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FFS, you’ve already lost, Donnie. Deal with it.


94 days.
And today was another day that, in no conceivable way could be a plus for Trump.
This is odd behavior indeed.


“… amid growing signs that the White House is pushing for a rushed count at the risk of undermining the decennial census’ accuracy.”

Correction: the White House is pushing for a rushed count with the intention of undermining the decennial census’ accuracy.


Nothing bars a Biden administration, if the Democrats also control both houses of Congress, from ordering a “redo” by new legislation.


Yes there is, the Supreme Court.

The Constitution states:

The actual Enumeration shall be made within three years after the first meeting of the Congress of the United States, and within every subsequent term of ten years, in such manner as they shall by law direct.

The right-wing will challenge any attempt to redo the Census as 2020 is the 10th year, and it specifies an “actual Enumeration” (singular).

And you know that, unless Congress acts first to expand the court and add more justices, it will side with the RWNJ lawyers are prohibit an redo of the Census,

One might argue that a revision of the Census could be done that would not be a second Census, but a correction of it, but again, without expanding the court so the RWNJ injustices on it are not in control, this woudl not pass muster either.


After today’s revelation that Kushner was dividing Covid testing into red vs blue states, this move does NOT surprise me at all.

Under counting the census punishes again the blue states, which is a feature of this maladministration, and Impotus Americanus can blame any budget shortages to the governors, which he calls “state authority hand-off!

And if Trump loses, he has burned the institutions down and inflicted more pain to the citizenry - so its a win in his mind!

Liberate America from Trump!


It’s been nearly a whole term. You’d think they’d have done one thing that wasn’t purely evil. Just one. More or less obeying the laws of probability. But no. All evil all the time.


So will the last card Trump has to play in this Census game be to order each and every person to journey to their place of birth, so to be registered?


ETTD. Q.E.D. As always.


Okay, here’s the problem I see. Government and speed things up do not go hand in hand. How do these incompetent nimrods actually believe they can get this done in 5 months? It’s been almost 4 years and there is 1) no wall 2) ACA still stands 3) Trump still hasn’t made his pivot.

There is no upside for Trump, assuming he loses the election, and especially, if he takes the Senate with him. The data that Republicans want to suppress has probably been collected, so most of the issue will be in data interpretation and that will NOT happen until next year with (God willing) a different administration.

This is just more shit throwing to keep the media distracted from talking about his myriad real and already happening failures.


Congress controls the Census. The Biden Administration could suggest that a mulligan on the 2020 Census is in order, but Congress has to make the decision.

I fully expect the next Congress to order a new Census in an early bill, like HB-2.


I do find it ironic that the ACA still stands, but the one piece of the wall is down… :thinking:


While simultaneously directing Trump’s hand picked crony/postmaster to slow down and delay mail deliveries so he can argue that the Post Office can’t handle mail in ballots.

Trump and his scumbags are trying to destroy our government and our country.


“…within every subsequent term of ten years…”

That says no more than ten years can pass before a new Census becomes mandatory. It doesn’t say that Congress cannot order a Census before ten years has elapsed. That Congress has never done so doesn’t mean Congress cannot order something within its clear constitutional powers.


There are obvious signs that this census has not been conducted according to the law laid out by congress. There will be more of those signs once non-republicans have access to communications within the commerce department. So someone sues, and the Biden administration and congress do not defend, rather settle.


…a rushed count at the risk of undermining the decennial census’ accuracy.

Since the times of the Bible and continuing today, the challenge of counting a population has been daunting.

The United States Census Bureau is largely staffed by experienced professionals who work to make ours the best in human history. That said, the census extends far beyond the allotment of representation. Census data is vast, and, even in the best circumstances, is enhanced by sampling and estimations.

More accuracy is better, but the US Census is always assembled in context.


It will a very novel interpretation to conduct the 2030 Census in 2021.

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It would be the 2022 Census.

Read the Constitution. It says

…within each subsequent term of ten years thereafter…

What do you think the word within means?

Doing a census requires planning. Even if they decided that the Bureau would simply do the 2020 Census correctly, I would be stunned if they could pull it off in 2021. 2022 is more realistic, and even that could be pushing things.

Census 2020.1