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The phrase “deep state” originally comes from Turkey, where a “deep state” run by the military and security services allowed democratic politics to operate within prescribed bounds — but no further. The real government wasn’t the president or prime minister of the day but this “deep state.” It was autonomous and dominant and self-perpetuating.

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I look forward to this effort, and to comments accompanying it.


I look forward to it, but I am also afraid of the ensuing depression.

When Trump claimed that Obama abused his power to rig the election, and that there was rampant voter fraud, and that there were deep state actors that were against him, I knew instantly what Trump was thinking: “This is what I’d do if I had power, so I’ll assume that is what Obama is doing.” And now Trump has the power to do it.


This is excellent. For example, you can identify all the Koch bros’ protégés like Pompeo etc. Then there’s the States’ self-defeating rightward swing to be uncovered. Bravo!


Yes, reading it may very well increase my anxiety overall, which has increased lately, as most of you can imagine why. However, I am proud to be a supporter of TPM_ this is amazingly relevant work. Thank you!


Hillary Clinton was pilloried for naming the “vast right-wing conspiracy” involving a presumed coordinated effort to smear Bill Clinton----e.g. Vince Foster, Jennifer Flowers, and Paula Jones stories . A Clinton opposition research fellow, Chris Lehane, developed a descriptive account of the communication processes involving assorted right wing think tanks, financial contributors, news outlets and politicians in his memo, Communication Stream of Conspiracy Commerce which informed Hillary.

But the foundation blueprint for all of that, including the role of lobbyists, is William Powell’s 1971 Memorandum to the US Chamber of Commerce. Or in respect for those who poo poo the idea that Powell’s contribution had any real impact on conservative politics. one would have to observe that it bears an amazingly consistent, precise forecast of what was to come in the conservative establishment over the following decade.

I think the Conservative Christian movement recognized what was taking place in the greater conservative movement throughout the 1970’s and pursued a political organizational course that paralleled and tied into the larger movement.

Also, it is abundantly clear that Powell’s “call to arms” was framed as defending the American system of free enterprise from attacks by assorted domestic and foreign leftist entities----from SDS to the European democratic socialist nations and the USSR whose threats he believed weren’t adequately recognized by complacent American business and political interests .

Well fine. Powell’s strategy worked. But importantly, even after the opposition to the American free enterprise system was effectively vanquished, the conservative movement continued to approach domestic politics with the same coordinated resolve against domestic political opponents as if they were Marxist Leninists threatening the entire system. Thus the take no prisoners, no holds barred fight for survival in which there are no moral or ethical constraints. It’s also provides some understanding of why Democrats are so pitifully outclassed by conservatives in messaging.


Resolution in Opposition to the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact

2012 Republican Platform: Opposing National Popular Vote

Republicans complain of a left-wing deep state that works to thwart Trump’s and the Republican agenda (Soros, etc.). Would a right-wing site be able to write the same sort of articles connecting left-wing deep state actors with outcomes that you’re writing from the left?


If you’ve spent 5 minutes on virtually ANY right-wing echo chamber website over the past decade, you’d know that vast swaths of them have been doing this regularly for years. They just leave out the scholarship and scruples part of their “analyses”.:slightly_smiling_face:


They call it deep state, I call them the derp state.

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TPM really could do a deep dive on THE FAMILY, a global organization, located on K Street, followers of the “Jesus of only 4 books of the New Testament” and who run the National Prayer Breakfast. Pompeo is a member, for example. There are many others you will recognize. They “laid hands” on Trump immediately following the inauguration. This organization scares hell out’a me.

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