Toomey Swipes At Dems As Jan. 6 Committee Gears Up For First Hearing | Talking Points Memo

Days before the House select committee investigating the events of Jan. 6 holds its first hearing, Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) on Sunday painted investigations into the deadly Capitol insurrection as a move that works “politically to the advantage of Democrats to try to keep this issue in the forefront.”

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Of course it is advantageous to Democrats, because the GOP have shown time and again how much of a failure they are in trying to destroy the country. We need to know how did Jan 6 happen and how did it go on for so long with no one being arrested at the scene like the protestors during the summer.

And how much did Clarence Thomas’s wife spend to sponsor the buses that brought the people to DC?


He is retiring in 2022, fuck him. He must be looking to get a position at some rightwing news outlet or “think” tank.


Following the 54-35 vote, Toomey’s communications director Steve Kelly said that the Pennsylvania senator “would have voted in favor of the motion to proceed to the January 6th commission legislation with the expectation that the Senate would consider, and Sen. Toomey would have supported, an amendment that addresses Republican concerns about partisan staffing and the duration of the commission.”

It’s absurd to blame Democrats for conducting an allegedly “politically motivated” investigation, when they not only acquiesced to almost every Republican demand no matter how odious, it was “do me a personal favor” McConnell and am I a real boy McCarthy who put the kibosh on it. Toomey’s beef, if he had any integrity, should be with them and not with Democrats.


Sounds like he’s admitting that the insurrection was Republican.



There would be no political advantage for Democrats if Congressional Republicans hadn’t cheered and supported the insurrectionists. At least until they were cowering and evacuated from the Capitol from those same insurrectionists.


I disagree, Pat.

It’s to the advantage of the American people whose country was nearly destroyed by a pack of right wing wolves. How many of them did you help get access to the building, Pat? Are you ready for your close-up with the committee yet?


He’s a strange guy, Toomey. He seems to maintain a very strict ratio of moderate-sounding stuff to mealy-mouthed pandering and partisan bullshit, much the way a particular Bordeaux will have a strict percentage ratio of cabernet sauvignon to merlot. He just doesn’t age as well. :face_vomiting:


There’s a reason he’s decided to retire. Now the question is, will he be replaced by a saner individual (e.g., the Lt Gov) or will they find a nuttier nut case instead?

Stay tuned.


Pretty much depends which party wins.


"…but I think there, we should be candid about the fact that it is politically to the advantage of Democrats to try to keep this issue in the forefront,” Toomey said.

The ONLY reason “it is politically to the advantage of Democrats” is because the Republican PARTY supported/supports insurrection. How is it that their brand is SO tarnished by Trump and yet they remain “Republican”?!? Sheesh


It is constant reminder about a terrible episode in our history which Donald Trump was at the heart of, rather than looking at the policies of the current president,” Toomey said. “I mean, which is more relevant in 2022?

The insurrection was a strike at the very heart of America. So, very obviously, we can’t move forward until we understand fully what happened, how it happened, and who was responsible.

But, moreover, we have the chief instigator still out there agitating, belligerently maintaining he was cheated and will be reinstated, while dog-whistling more violence in his best Tucker Carlson “who me?” imitation.

He’s attempting to make a martyr of a criminal trespasser, while trying to rewrite the narrative of the insurrection. So, no, it’s not business as usual, and we cannot move forward until this issue is fully resolved and all perpetrators held accountable for their actions. At the very least, I would call Trump an accessory after the fact with his continued propagation of the Big Lie. There’s no excuse for it.


It was nice of Sen. Toomey to admit that getting at the truth disadvantages Republicans and somehow gives a political advantage to the Democrats. It’s almost as if he’s saying that the Republican Party is a massive anti-Democracy criminal conspiracy, isn’t it?


I know how PA politics works - will enough voters show up in the cities (if they aren’t prevented through the GOP chicanery) and make sure the LG wins, or will they be suppressed and challenged and, in the meantime, let’s install the GQP candidate, regardless of whether the candidate actually won the election?

This is gonna be a continuing theme throughout the country in 2022, particularly as it pertains to the Senate. I expect it here in WI too.


“It is constant reminder about a terrible episode in our history which Donald Trump was at the heart of, rather than looking at the policies of the current president,” Toomey said.

Possible Toomey reactions to various points of history he considers unimportant:

Don’t remember the Maine. Who does these days?
The Alamo is irrelevant.
Pearl Harbor was just a day.
Memorial day, dreary and depressing.
VEand VJ day, party city, what is the point.
Fourth of July, obsessive dwelling on the past.
Alan Shepard, pffft! What goes up must come down.
7/20/69 One small step for man, Yada Yada Yada.
9/11/2001 - Sky tourists!
“I have a dream” Yeah, I had one last night but I am not going to ballyhoo it to the masses.
11/22/63 He should have had the top up. That sun was a killer that day.


Exactly! Clearly another case of Reality having a liberal bias.


I think his cork leaked long ago.


‘works “politically to the advantage of Democrats to try to keep this issue in the forefront.”’

To quote Joan Rivers: “Oh, please!”


Toomey said(:)* I mean, which is more relevant in 2022? I would argue the current president’s policies and the damage that he’s going to be doing, that’s what we should be debating in 2022."

Toomey can safely say that: he knows his party will filibuster any motion to open debate on any and all legislation. All the ‘talk’ will be these kind of sound bites outside the chamber.
Really, he’s just calling for maintaining the status quo in the federal government.