Toomey Calls Latest Trump Gambit In PA ‘Completely Unacceptable’ | Talking Points Memo

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) on Tuesday called out President Trump for his “completely unacceptable” attempt at persuading state lawmakers to overturn Pennsylvania’s election results that handed President-elect Joe Biden a win in the battleground state.

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Completely unacceptable? That’s all?
I suggest the use of the word “treasonous” or “seditious” or “unconstitutional” or all of the above.


“Toomey, who is not seeking re-election in 2022 [ ]”

Didn’t realize that. Who are the likely candidates?


“Toomey, however, also pointed fingers at Democrats by arguing that the way Trump has been “treated for the last four years by the left and the press” also factors into people losing confidence in the election process.”

Sorry, this is ALL on the Republican Party. Time to grow up and stop saying “It’s both of your fault.” President Trump and the Republicans (in the Senate) are responsible for the horrific US covid-19 death totals as they played political games while people died. And continue to do so. The President is a corrupt fraud, and I say that based on the evidence of not only the last four years but time before that.

You should expect politeness until you lose it based on actions (do I really need to list the number of times the President tweeted and spoke words about women, immigrants, intelligent individuals, etc…), but respect must be earned. This President did nothing to earn respect.

Senator Toomey is living in the past and is simply trying to ignore and/or minimize Trumps actions on the Republican Party that he used to know, not what it has become. To everyone else - never forget, never forgive.


Toomey is up in 2022, and clearly worried.

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He’s retiring. He may run for governor.


Jesus, after four years of this three ring shit show he now says THIS is a bridge too far? REALLY??? :roll_eyes::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Ahh, that explains why he felt compelled to throw a mealy bone to the Trumpites with his both sides BS.


“A lot of Republicans across the commonwealth and across the country are sympathetic to some of the allegations being made by the president because they’ve witnessed the way he’s been treated for the last four years by the left and the press.”

How are you supposed to treat someone that has confessed to the commission of sexual assault, and bragged it’s OK because of his wealth and fame?
Or a person that advocates the commission of assault at public rallies?
Or a person that oversees the permanent separation of children from their parents?
Or a person that touts his dislike for a war hero due to the fact he was a POW?
Or a person that claims a Federal judge is incapable of performing his job impartially due to his Mexican heritage?

Exactly what fair, charitable treatment has such a person earned?


A very large group of totally worthless ass holes on the Republican side and maybe our Lt Gov Fetterman (Dem)who knows no fear.


He says he not running for re-election in 2022. But do we ever take a Republican at their word?

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Toomey is “Club for Growth” which means he and they got all the growth they needed from Trump.


the way Trump has been “treated for the last four years by the left and the press” also factors

Pol Pot pointed to the teasing he had undergone on account of his name in kindergarten, including being called “Pot-belly” and “Polly Polly-wolly Pothead,” as extenuating circumstances justifying his genocide of 2 million Cambodians in the 1970’s.


It’s so cute when Republicans refer to ‘the left’ like they know what that means.


Are you trying to rein him in NOW, Pat??? You lost control of the totally unhinged lying POS 4 years ago…and we hold you responsible.


Toomey…sounds like “tumor.” Is not the First Amendment still part of the Constitution? These Repulikans are so…fragile.

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Toomey for ambassador to any country he wants. Open Senate seat for a democratic governor to appoint. Ireland, Vatican and UK are the best ones.


Not running

They don’t fear Trump. They are fully in agreement with Trump.


Toomey added the baseless allegations waged by Trump are “all very very unhelpful to people’s confidence in our government.”

Jeez, Pat, dial it back a bit. Was the second “very” really called for?