To Hold The Senate, GOP Took A Softer Tone On Obamacare. Will It Stick? | Talking Points Memo

To fend off a Democratic takeover of the Senate, Republicans had to do a major tone shift on Obamacare. Now that their softened approach has helped save their most vulnerable members, will they stick to it?

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The arguments in the Republican Supreme Court tomorrow will be instructive. The case should be laughed out of court, it’s about as meritless as any case that has ended up there in recent years…it’s only there because Trump judges pushed it forward. I expect the Republican justices to sound as wishy washy as they can, so they don’t give away how they plan to rule…Alito might go at the lawyers defending the ACA, but that’s about it. I also don’t expect a quick decision. All of this will be arranged to disguise their desire to overturn the ACA, a decision we’ll get after the GA runoff so that turnout for people who want health care doesn’t skyrocket in the election.

My only question is how far they take the decision…do they limit themselves to this one minor case or use it as a vehicle to take on other parts of the government they want to destroy? Every case the RSC decides from here until the Republican majority is ended should be looked at with that question in mind, this is their big chance to undo 100 years of government progress and judicial precedent, and I expect them to rip through the system tearing it down at a furious pace.


“Will it stick?”

No. Nein, Nyet, Non. Niente!!


Enough with the negative waves… :wink:


Will Republicans stick to their campaign commitments? Bwahahahaha, ad infinitum!


DO.NOT.EVER.BELIEVE.A WORD.FROM THOM.TILLIS. He is the asshole who bragged about…and got elected in NC based on refusal of the Teabagger Legislature under his control to expand Medicaid. And the morons thought that was a swell idea.


And they elected him again didn’t they? What did he promise to take away from them this time?


The only problem is we are waaay past what “should be thrown out” due to lack of any merit…

If anything was to learn from the last 4 years is that people don’t remember what motivated them 2 years ago. Reason, rationality, arguments that hope to be right? All past. Now, the only thing that matters is imposing their will on “the libruls”. And using low information voter to achieve that. One can use low information voter over and over and over.

Imposing their will on us is especially important NOW, after they lost presidency.

Don’t think this isn’t going to be a fight. We walked away from half won battle. Nobody who walks away from half won battle wins easily. They know it and we should know it too.


Not called yet. Mail in ballots have until Friday 13th before they will be sure. Unfortunately there is massive ignorance in rural areas of NC, so he will probably go back for another miserable 6 years. Rs have done a great job of making people who don’t know much just terrified of “socialism”. They have no clue what it is…just that is must be BAD, because S.Hannity told them so.


Several years ago, the GOP Senate clown-car broke down at the corner of Obstruction Street and Plutocrat Lane. Which happens to be right in front of Repeal ACA Enterprises! So yeah, they are already there.


[“There’s still a chance that a Republican Senate majority could be foiled by Democrats winning both of the races going to run-off in Georgia in January. But Georgia Democratic wins that would bring the Senate to 50-50 are a long shot.”]

What if it wasn’t?


Should be noted that the SCOTUS won’t decide on this case until sometime in 2021, so they have time to continue to hide their intentions.

If (as looks likely) the GOP maintains control of the Senate, then I expect a serious attempt at reviving parts of the Nondelegation Doctrine from the SCOTUS. They won’t do it fully, but likely in areas that will hamper Democratic priorities (e.g. environmental, healthcare, etc).


I’m still angry at all of the Senate polls and the pollsters that kept claiming they were going to get it right this time. I’m hoping beyond hope Cunningham can eke out a victory from the mail-in and provisional ballots since there are supposed to be around 150k of them combined. But it’s frankly insane that people with 10 point poll advantages could end up losing.


I wonder if conservatives on the Supreme Court will strike down Obamacare now that there are important Senate elections coming very soon. I mean, I know the court is completely above politics so that will have no influence at all…


No. Next question. Actually they will do it as soon as the quit bitching about the deficit and the election. OK, so no.

Tillis has been a consistent liar about health care in his election mailings. I don’t trust him for a moment.


Cornyn lied up one side and down the other. I will protect pre-existing conditions. No you won’t you liar you voted to get rid of them.

Every single GOP running in Texas ran on protecting pre-existing condition coverage. Every single one - liars.


I sure as hell do not hope Obamacare is here to stay. It’s an abomination, rotten with free money for the insurance industry and riddled with exceptions and opt-outs for the states that need it most.
I hope Republicans win their case and invalidate it.
I hope they obstruct a new health care bill throughout the next term.
Then we can soundly defeat R senators in 2022.
Then maybe we can finally have Medicare for all.
Once they have Medicare for all, every voter will want to keep it.


Those two GA Senate seats are available for us to literally save millions of lives by stopping the cruelest, most evil psychopath in modern U.S. political history, Moscow McConnell.

And maybe there is a low-key discussion on it because there are too many of the type of people who would vote for a Brian Kemp as opposed to a Stacey Abrams.

Or is it?


“But Georgia Democratic wins that would bring the Senate to 50-50 are a long shot good possibility.”
There. FIFY.