This Week’s National Polls Don’t Look Good For Obama — Or Democrats | Talking Points Memo

It’s hard out there for 2008’s party of change.

A year and half into the Obama administration and with midterm elections just a few months away, several national polls released this week reveal a public impatient with the president’s handling of the economy and unhappy with his performance on nearly every other domestic issue — from the Gulf oil spill to immigration. Polls released by ABC/Washington Post, Fox News and Gallup all showed President Obama’s approval ratings at an all-time low.Questions about the state of the economy were at the heart of many of these polls, which found respondents to be overwhelmingly dour. In a Bloomberg poll released Thursday, 54% of Americans said that they were still “hunkering down” because of today’s economic conditions, while only 23% reported that they things were “getting back to normal.” In Tuesday’s CBS poll, 51% of respondents said they expected effects of the recession to last an additional two years. And in poll after poll, Obama’s approval ratings for his handling of the economy dwindled in the low 40s.

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