The Wacky Story Of The Arrest And Election Of DA Mark Jones

“Freedom and legalize weed,” raps Jawga Boi, a local artist. “The people’s DA who we need. Mark Jones, right now.”

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Wow. This is a wild story.

I hope the men get their records expunged.
Even as they likely will continually be harassed by the local police.


No, this is Columbus GA…


“Trumped up” charges. S to the Y to the S to the T to the E to the M to the I to the C.


Oops, well, it could have been the same Columbus. Deleted.


Columbus again?! I’ve had just about all the Columbus I can take!


So, first time offender, held on $250,000 bail for turning donuts in an empty plaza. That’s 1/5th of what a killer cop got for a 9 minute slow execution with a dozen witnessees.


I guess he’s nominally on our side, so his win may be good sign, but I hope we don’t add a lot of batshit crazy along the way.


I was gonna say I am glad I don’t live in Georgia but yhen this police behavior and excessive vail could happen anywhere… hmmm
Excessive bail… seems familiar… oh yeah. The 8th amendment to the Constitution
$300,000+is just a bit much for doing “donuts” in a parking lot


Just a tiny bit.

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And here I thought cops liked doughnuts.

(Sorry. Will just excuse myself now.)


I have never understood the American system of electing people into positions with very specific responsibilities such as District Attorneys, Sheriffs and Judges. Those positions should be based on merit and not left to the whim of a fickle electorate. That’s how you get people like Lee Baka In LA County or David Clark; complete asshats.


Will there be consequences for the arrests?


Any place called “Chattahoochee” has got to be prehistoric.


I’d imagine it will be a hit in YT. Stars could be born.


That’s some of the weirdest shit I’ve read in some time. It certainly sounds like intimidation and abuse of authority. Glad he won but, damn. What about the two who now have criminal records?


Well, you can imagine what kind of system “merit” can produce.

(Incidentally, police officers, even chiefs, are not elected.)


OT somewhat but levity is always good …

The part of this story about spinning donuts in the parking lot reminded me of a time I’d shown up (in a semi) to deliver at some store or other in a shopping mall on a particularly cold and icy night.

As per usual I parked alongside the store so the employees would see me when they arrived in the morning and, hopefully, wake me up when they were ready to unload the truck.

Shortly after I arrived, while I was going through my post-trip routine (read: setting up my satellite TV dish), a car showed up and started wildly spinning donuts in the parking lot. “Kids,” I thought.

I had just finished doing my log and was about to climb into the sleeper when I heard a thunderous crash. I looked out to see the car had been wrapped around one of the light standards. In shorter order a group of teenage boys piled out of the driver’s side of the t-boned car and inspected the damage.

Because I still had my map light on they could see me in my truck. One of the boys, who I presumed was the driver, came over and knocked on my door.

“You don’t happen to have a cell phone, do you?” (This was before cell phones were cheap and every kid and their dog had one.) I told him that, as a matter of fact, I did, and asked if he’d like to use it? “Yes, sir,” he said, “if you wouldn’t mind.” Again, cell phones were so rare at that time that he didn’t know how to use it and I had to dial the number for him.

I dialed the number and handed him the phone as soon as it began to ring. A few seconds later I heard him say, “Mom?” Then he turned slightly so I couldn’t hear what else was said. He spoke for a minute or two and sheepishly thanked me and handed me back my phone.

While the boys milled about the formerly operable car I laid in bed and watched teebee. About 20 minutes later I noticed headlights in the parking lot — not one, but two sets of 'em. A man and woman got out of each of the cars. It was now a multiple family affair.

I quickly lost interest and went to sleep. All the cars were gone when I awoke in the morning.

Ah, to be young and carefree again. Good times.


Doughnuts! Favorite winter pastime of a former friend after a few hits of Yukon Jack. He became a cop in Denver.


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