The Number Of Guns In Households With Teens Spiked During COVID

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Awesome! I love Tuesdays!

Adult parents who own such weapons that their child uses to kill or maim others must be held legally accountable and face severe penalties. The right “to keep and bear arms” also comes with some serious responsibilities, and if the owners of such weapons fail to keep those weapons secure in a responsible manner, they should forfeit their right to keep them.


How about the families of the victims setting their house in fire with them inside?

Those who buy and proudly show “Pro God, Pro Life, Pro Gun” paraphernalia are seriously f_cked up!


Parents who allow drinking by underage guests may face penalities.

Eight states have “social host” laws that make parents liable if underage guests in their home are drinking, even if no harm comes to anyone, the AP reports. In some of the states, parents are allowed to serve alcohol to their own children in certain situations.

In 16 other states, laws hold parents responsible for underage drinking in some circumstances, such as if a teenager who drank in their home was in a car accident.

Allow your teenager access to guns which he uses to murder someone? Oopsy - unfortunate accident.

It’s time for that to change.


But but but . . . freedumb!

It is clear that some people lack parenting skills. There is no law against that (and that is at it should be). But certain behaviors should have consequences. A good place to start is by eliminating the blanket tort immunity the gun industry has somehow ( :thinking: :roll_eyes: :rage:) granted unto itself.

A torrent of wrongful death suits would get their attention.


CPS disagrees with your assessment.

I get your point. I just have to draw the line at giving the government the power to prohibit reproduction.

Sue the parents! Start taking these fuckers to Civil Court and take everything they have. Enough of this shit. Set up a non profit to help pay legal expenses for the victim’s families. I bet something like that might make people think twice about giving their kids guns.


I’m ambivalent after travelling through red states.

Reproductive rights have to work both ways.

Or it should, starting today. Civil Suits and a non-profit to help cover expenses for legal fees.

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Let’s just say making it a licensed activity might improve quality of life for many.


This kid knew how to eject an empty magazine and insert a full one while going about his rampage. That suggests some previous experience.


Well his mom did proudly post on social media that they went to the gun range together for some quality mother/child time. The gun was his Christmas present.


He’s being charged as an adult.

Charged possible for parents.

This is one fucked up undifferentiated family ego mass.

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Prejudgement is wrong, of course, but damn does he look like exactly the kid that would do this.

And just because he wasn’t bullied at school it doesn’t mean he wasn’t bullied by his idiot father.


And, it turns out the parents had met with the school the day before AND again the morning of the shooting, about “concerning behavior”. There’s a lot more coming out about this sad story.

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Don’t take your guns to town, son
Leave your guns at home, Bill
Don’t take your guns to town

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