The Hill Goes Easy On John Solomon In Review Of Ukraine Disinfo Columns | Talking Points Memo

The Hill held back from squarely addressing the actions of its former columnist John Solomon in a long-awaited review released Wednesday morning, declining to address factual inaccuracies in Solomon’s 2019 series on Ukraine.

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The Hill should have had an independent outside review. No one, except the President because he is God, can review themselves.


The Hill gets undue cred for being in DC, but it’s just a poorly written rag. Bloggers like Daily Kos are much better at getting their facts straight, and vetting articles before they are published.


This is because doing otherwise makes the Publisher(s)/Editors appear culpable, craven, and stupid, too. They can’t admit that and certainly won’t do anything more. At most they will slowly back away from Solomon and not use him much.

Let’s Recall: The august NYT did little more re Whitewater, Wen Lee Ho, Iraq War/J Miller Stupidities, Cheney/Bush Illegal Govt Spying, HRC Email Nonsense, etc.


I guess it was too much for them to admit that they were used as a propaganda mill by Trump to try to smear Joe Biden.


Solomon is just the latest “reporter” to get swept up in the thrill of being an “insider” - unfortunately, being a stenographer for the rich, famous and powerful is a drug that many simply cannot resist.

It’s heady stuff, ain’t it, Judith?


I used to read the Hill years ago when it was a decent source for congressional news. Then it devolved into a kind of cheap congressional Breitbart with the likes of Solomon and the execrable Dick Morris.


It’s not like The Hill was going to say, yeah we were reckless propagators of Russian disinformation.


That wasn’t worth spewing coffee. The Hill? Really? That would be the wonderful publication that did the fluff piece on the green-ness of McCarthy a few days ago.

McCarthy’s leadership on the effort gives Republicans easy cover, he added, and backing the legislation could be a good move for those in swing districts.

Please. McCarthy is from Kern County which has a) 90% of all fracking operations in the state, b) massive groundwater destruction issues, and c) the worst air quality in America. It’s just K-Street PR.

McCarthy’s daughter is a victim of Lyme disease, a form of borreliosis, and the spread of which is partly due to climate disruption. Warming in moderate and northern latitudes has allowed ticks that carry the disease to survive through winter much better.

The “Trillion Trees” initiative is particularly amusing and ridiculous. Turkey’s stunt failed, and there’s always Uzbekistan. I think a North Korean PR firm could do a better job, especially when they have the Hill to reprint it.


“The Hill apologized for failing to tell Fox News producers that Solomon was a columnist, and not an “investigative reporter,” with the review saying that “it should have” informed the right-wing news network of the columnist’s position.”

Hilarious, like FOX News would give a shit.


But when it came to where Solomon got the facts wrong, there was no strong language. Rather, it was just a matter of there being two sides to the story.

There you have it, both sides do it, nothing to see here, just move along folks. /s


“failed to identify important details about key Ukrainian sources, including the fact that they had been indicted or were under investigation. In other cases, the sources were his own attorneys.”

Also too, forgot to mention he was promoting Russian Propaganda. A minor omission I guess.


I remember hearing an interview on Pacifica with Ray McGovern where he was asked who is the best reporter today, and he said John Solomon. I agree that he is not just an “access” journalist, he is actually on Team Giuliani/Manafort/oligarchs/GRU.

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Read it. It’s just a different flavor of Hill bullshit than that Salomon threw. It’s a non stop “both sides” and “opinion” excuse for a gross miscarriage of journalism. Solomon had an agenda and used the Hill to go about getting it done. Articles like “as the case of against Russian interference shrinks and the case of Ukrainian interference grows” are not opinion. Solomon used crap like that to justify the smear of Yovonovitch and her removal. The Hill gave him the space to do it. Avoid it.


The Hill [declined] to address factual inaccuracies

And dog bites man.


Was the review of Solomon tersely titled “COA” by any chance?


But other than the fact that he spouted nothing but 100% baseless, lie-filled Russian propaganda smearing the Bidens while masquerading as reporting, how were the articles, editors of The Hill?


Follow the money.


You’re right. Throughout the article they refer to Solomon as a Conservative. He’s a wingnut not a conservative. A wingnut is going to offer wingnuttery, disinfo and lies, not conservative opinion. They had to know that. They knew what he was going to submit and they kept writing him the checks.


“The Hill Goes Easy On John Solomon”
I always thought The Hill was one notch above The Epoch Times anyway, so what?