The Do-Something Caucus Responds In Force

Originally published at: The Do-Something Caucus Responds In Force

A special reader comment edition of TPM’s Morning Memo. Sign up for the email version. A Polarizing Post Yesterday’s Morning Memo generated more diametric reactions than any other edition I’ve written before. Many of you wrote in to say how much it resonated for you. In equally eloquent terms, many others wrote in to express their deep…

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This has got to be a joke, Right?
Opinion | Mike Johnson, Leader of the Free World (

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Good morning.

David, in response to your feedback request. I wouldn’t be opposed to a ‘readers comments’ type column from time to time but I wouldn’t want to see it more than once a month (at most). We all get to see each other’s comments daily (when the comment section is working). That seems sufficient to me.

I do enjoy your take on the current state of the political world and I generally find myself in agreement.


HoHum nothing to see here
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This back-door thing is tiring. Get your act together TPM!

Lego Puppy


As in shit or get off the pot?


JTDC, we have to vote these mofos out.

I would say Mike Johnson is an empty suit, but he looks more like a suit stuffed with congealed fat.


This reminds me of the 2016 Primary where the DNC and the “donor class” wanted Clinton to win and the DNC had their thumb on the scale. Had Democrats let the process play out fairly, Bernie might have won the primary. Had he won the primary, I think he would have won the general.

The “donor class” and Congress don’t get to choose the Democratic candidate, despite how much they feel they should be entitled to do so. There is a process that has pretty much played out and that process has led Biden to be the nominee.

If Biden were to choose to step down, that’s one thing. He clearly hasn’t, so publicly calling for him to do so is counterproductive and may very well be a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Biden’s debate performance was terrible, but I still would rather have him in the White House than Trump.


Like x 100000000000000000000000000000000000


I don’t see Democrats uniting around whatever magical unicorn the political elites anoint if Biden were to step aside. It would just be another round of circular firing squad even closer to the election. That is why all this talk trying to get rid of Biden seems like pointless, self-indulgent “Do something” bs to me.

Of course this is a do-over opportunity for the people who aren’t happy with Kamala Harris on the ticket; it is a golden opportunity for candidates who couldn’t make it with the primary voters. It is an opportunity to reject democracy; and that hypocrisy will be used brutally against us in the fall. Saving democracy my ass.


I am probably not allergic to Lego Puppy.


Morning Puppy. His new favorite spot


Some recognition for David Kurtz and TPM:

In this morning’s Talking Points Memo , David Kurtz observed that “much of political journalism is divorced from policy and the substance of politics.” It’s all about a horse race, he wrote, while complex questions, competing public interests, and the history of an issue get distilled to “whether it’s good or bad politically.”

Today, he noted, that horse-race coverage means that “[a]n election about whether the United States will continue its two and half century long experiment in representative democracy, where a convicted felon is running to return to the office he tried to seize through extralegal means, where the specter of a new form of fascism looms on the horizon is suddenly consumed by a political death watch for the only person at present standing between democracy and another Trump term in the White House.”


Yes, Trump did a mentally and verbally garbled rally last night. Also understand Biden gave a reasonably strong address to the NATO summit. Have not watched it yet because I was hiding out reading a book, hoping to calm the migraine that is my mind these days. But none of that matters because the Democrats are running their own version of the Lost Cause.

Oh, and tomorrow would have been the day Trump was sentenced for 34 felonies, but his Supreme Court kinda derailed that.


I think he also said something about electric tanks and that nobody eats bacon anymore.


Someone needs to take away Grampa’s rally keys.


Morning Joe ran a side-by-side comparison of the two speeches yesterday


Bannon in an email interview with Breitbart from jail.

Yeah, that is some bench you guys have there. You forgot Roger Stone and Mike Flynn

He went on to say that his imprisonment would have no effect on the strength of the MAGA movement, citing the concept of “the next man up.”

“The established order thinks by targeting our leaders they can blunt the impact of MAGA — that assumption by them is wrong—lawfare against President Trump has only made him stronger and more appealing to an even wider segment of American voters — same with Rudy [Giuliani], Mike Lindell, Jim Hoft, Alex Jones, John Eastman, Jeff Clark, Cleta Mitchell.

“The list goes on and on and on—MAGA is the personification of ‘anti-fragile’—resilience is our watchword.

“Next man up comes from that anti-fragile premise—when one leader goes down another steps up, when one person can’t fulfill their task and purpose another steps up.”


Does it seem Bannon is becoming a true believer in himself? His grift is taking him over?