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PA Dems: Santorum’s Lights May Be on, But There’s Nobody Home The chairwoman of the local Democratic Party and her husband charged yesterday that Sen. Rick Santorum’s (R-PA) Penn Hills, Penn. home — his legally declared primary residence — is empty. “The house he’s registered to vote out of is vacant — no curtains, furniture, nothing in there. It’s been abandoned for over a month,” Ed Vecchio told a local TV news station. Santorum reacted with outrage, saying the allegation was false and put the safety of his six children at risk. (The Hill)On Hill, FBI Raid Raises Ire Of GOP and Dems Alike Two days after the FBI raided the Hill office of Rep. William “Cold Cash” Jefferson (D-LA), members of both parties set down their differences and defended their collective right to do whatever the hell they please in their taxpayer-funded congressional offices, free from scrutiny of federal law enforcement. (Roll Call, WashPost, The Hill)

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