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Attention Swimmers: This Year, Abramoff Crony Won’t Save You Officials in Rehoboth Beach, Del. have declined an application from onetime Jack Abramoff lobbying crony Michael Scanlon to work as a lifeguard. Every summer from 2002 to 2005, Scanlon took a break from fleecing Indian tribes for millions of dollars to work as a lifeguard for the resort town, earning $11.35 an hour for his troubles. But not this year: officials nixed his bid, fearing “the prospect of television crews swarming over the beach should the scandal resurface in the news.” (Delaware News Journal)The CIA: Dusty’s Troubled Trails Foggo’s troubles may help to explain Porter Goss’s sudden departure from the agency earlier this month. According to sources close to Goss and the White House, who would not be named talking about private conversations, administration officials had been pressuring Goss to get rid of Foggo. But Goss resisted. It was a risky stand to take. For months, former and current intel officials had privately complained to the White House that the CIA was suffering under Goss’s poor management. Goss’s resistance to firing Foggo, despite the investigation closing in on him, made top administration officials, including National Intelligence Director John Negroponte, lose faith in Goss’s judgment. (Newsweek)

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