The Also-Rans: Biden And Warren Battle It Out For 4th And 5th Place In NH | Talking Points Memo

When the former vice president left New Hampshire before polls even closed Tuesday evening, we had an early indication that things weren’t going to go well for Joe Biden tonight.

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I think this is one of those cycles where the earliest primary states are not going to predict the final result. Not enough of an aficionado to assert this but suspect it is true none the less.



It’s still early.

“I have to tell you, 98 percent of people haven’t been heard from yet. We still have 55 states and territories and this is going to be a long primary process."

Despite an entire industry whose primary economic function is to whip viewers into a frenzy long enough to pitch them another Gas-X commercial, she’s absolutely right on the money.

We’re just getting started…


The fact that Klobuchar got more votes than Biden and Warren combined is mind-boggling to me.


Democrats are just trying to sabotage trump’s stellar unemployment figures. If this keeps up, Giuliani is going to be out of a job.

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Pretty much. She’s clearly not happy over the media trying to erase her (which, of course, started happening not long after Harris, Booker, and Castro dropped out) so she’s not giving them the satisfaction. She’s still third place in delegates and Klobuchar is now matched with Biden.


It doesn’t surprise me. Biden is folding , like he always does. Klobuchar probably looks safer than Warren, but also tough and smart. I believe she would be a very tough opponent for Trump.


Yes, thank you. The Also Rans??? WTF.


I used to live in NH. I’m not terribly surprised. A lot of people probably paid little attention to the race until the debate in Manchester - they registered that Amy K was nice and seemed to do well so they voted for her.

The way we select our leaders turns out to be quite random. How else do you explain Dump? Or GW Bush for that matter. (The worst and second worst presidents we’ve ever had). The voters on the margin - the ones who ultimately decide many elections - are usually clueless.


I may be completely wrong, but I feel like there is a huge, behind the scenes, big money push to keep Warren down. I think it’s because they know she means what she says, and will try to follow through if elected. The Riches fear her.

And most people are too stupid to realize she is just what we need in so many ways.

Still, I’ll vote for whoever is left after this whole shitshow is over. Even Amy “the back stabber” Klobuchar.


I wish I shared your optimism about Klobuchar. She really rubs me the wrong way.


No secret about the stop Warren push. This was part of Bloomberg’s reason for joining the race


Me too. Her manner of speech just makes my skin crawl. She reminds me of Fran Drescher without the comedic timing. I don’t mean to be mean, but she just does not have the charisma to win the general. Imho, etc, etc.

I think tonight was Peak Klobuchar.


It’s more a process of elimination which led me to her. Surprised to see how well Pete is doing. He’s a cocky asshole, which rubs ME the wrong way, but maybe that’s a positive in a race against Trump.

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At least the two most meaningless of all contests are over.


He’s a smart guy, and I like that for sure, but c’mon, Bobby Brady is not going to be elected president.

Are you watching the game? and by that I mean the more interesting event taking place in SD right now.

I think you’ll agree that Warren is obviously the smartest person in the race.


She is to me, but I also think Buttigieg is very smart as well. My problem with him is his youth and inexperience. Not that I do not think he could do the job better than Cheetoface, just that the electorate as a whole won’t think so.

Warren is too smart for the US electorate. She speaks the truth about things that should/need to happen. I think that also makes it easy for the douchenozzles to demonize her while they peddle their version of rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.


Steve Kornacki of MSNBC needs an intervention stat since he’s the the Chief Whipping Into Frenzy individual. Take away his access to caffeine and we can all settle down.