Texas Republicans Unveil Raft Of Voting Restrictions They Aim To Pass During Special Session

As they get their second bite at the voting restriction apple during a special session, Texas Republicans are following the outline of a bill so egregious it prompted a strategic Democratic walkout that succeeded in killing it — temporarily.

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Fuck Abbott and the chair he rode in on.


All of the states that have been identified as starting to lean Democratic are being nailed shut right in front of our eyes, and the SCOTUS has essentially said “go for it”.

It was fun while it lasted. Can’t wait to see how much Sinema loses her next election by. Fucking narcissistic idiot.





Die in a fire, discobot.


I can’t wait for he violence to start. It’s coming. we might as well just get it over with. This shit simply can’t stand.

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I really wonder if people in Texas will accept the Republicans working so hard to remove their ability to vote. All they are doing here is making their maneuvers blatantly obvious, and doing it in a way that makes a big splash. It’s going to attract a lot more news than sneaking it through during the regular legislation period. At some level, people should understand how this is curtailing their rights, and the rights of others, to vote in an election…it’s possible they get enough people pissed off that they come out in 2022 and vote down the Republicans.

I guess we’ll see…it’s a desperate move for sure.


They’re going to be left with one option. It will all start with waiting in insane lines to vote and likely being told to go home before they voted when the GQP brings lawsuits to shut down polling places because “they knew what the rules were and didn’t plan accordingly…it’s not our job to hold these Democratic run urban shitholes’ hands so they can cheat every election” and then the packed courts will rubber stamp whatever the GQP wants and the GQP will then abuse the power it stole as a minority of the country to further solidify and entrench their stranglehold over elections and the courts by abolishing the filibuster and running rampant over the country’s laws. Then urban centers will eventually erupt completely, giving the GQP the excuse it has always dreamed of to simply move in an try to take over those urban areas by force, unseat their elected officials and take them over, then begin the oppressive, violent, overflowing-jails neofascist crackdown on the citizenry that fails to understand who their God-declared masters are. You think 500 January 6th insurrectionists was a lot? well, they think of all 500 as political prisoners for whom they are going to enact revenge 100-fold or more to teach us our place.

Dude, take a breath, paragraphs are your friend. :smiley:

We all know where they are trying to go with this, hyperventilating about it doesn’t help. Lawyers will be ready when the next election happens, and Texas Democrats will push hard on early voting like they did in 2020. It’s going to take all of them getting serious about this to get through the Republicans, and doing it continually for a decade…making people understand the work and doing it is the big hurdle to get across.


It’s all a g-ddamn game to the pink-privileged prima donna in the spotlight.


Did you miss the part where the SCOTUS just gave them a blank check to commit all of the skullduggery they can dream up?

Just because voting may be “inconvenient for some,” Alito wrote, doesn’t mean that access to voting is unequal. In evaluating what the Voting Rights Act requires, said Alito, courts should look to what the voting rules were in 1982, when the relevant provision of the law was enacted. Back then, he observed, almost all voting was in person and on Election Day. And "the mere fact that there is some disparity in impact does not necessarily mean that a system is not equally open or that it does not give everyone an equal opportunity to vote."


I despise her just for that.


That’s pretty unfair, IMO.

There are so many other reasons to despise her.


Though I share your pessimism, I think it’s important to remember that the GOP is now overly brazen and beholden to one man, and their moronic, cosplaying militia boys prove over and over that they’re incompetent.


November 22, 1963

Nevermind that “disparity in impact” is exactly why and how “a system is not equally open or that it does not give everyone an equal opportunity to vote.”


Plaid school uniform skirt on a, let’s say, ‘mature’ woman is way up there.


… is the whole purpose of the exercise. As others have often and rightly observed: The cruelty is the point."


Would the threat of life in prison deter fraudulent voters? Why don’t they do that to deter this “crime,” like they do every other one.

I’m reading HB 3 right now, and reports of its prospective impact are greatly exaggerated. Most of what it does is either inconsequential administrative tweaks or mollifying Trump’s whining about how accommodations were made for voting during COVID. Who gives a shit whether Lina Hidalgo can do another drive-through voting site? It won’t be needed without COVID. Who gives a shit if county officials can’t preemptively send out mail ballot request applications? It’s never been allowed in the first place, and we don’t have no-excuse mail voting anyway. Who gives a shit if qualified poll-watchers get some more detail on the level of access they’re allowed if they still aren’t allowed to fuck with voting?

This is 99% window dressing. Some of it is even good! It gives us an extra hour of open polls for each day of early in-person voting!

Incidentally, all that creative voter access stuff that Lina Hidalgo did last year resulted in Trump increasing his share of the vote in Harris County by 1% over 2016. Here in Dallas County we didn’t do any of that shit and we dropped his sorry ass’s margin by 1.2% under his 2016 result. So by all appearances, these dumb bastards are shooting themselves in the foot here.


Sure, but the question still remains: How does hyperventilating help any of this? If enough anonymous commentators collapse on enough fainting couches, then…success?