Tear Gas Is Way More Dangerous Than Police Let On — Especially During the Coronavirus Pandemic | Talking Points Memo

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Looks like folks need to bring gas masks with activated charcoal canisters. If you’re trying to keep out SARS-CoV-2, then you could cover the canister with N95 fabric. There are other things you can do, but this is the first thing that comes to mind.

This is looking more and more like an unmasked police state.

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Breaking FAUX News Bulletin:

Fake teargassing not dangerous to fake virus.

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It’s too late - cases are going to spike. They already are here.

I hate this fucking virus so fucking much.


Speaking of police and the pandemic.



“Due to coronavirus, we have no choice but to keep people packed tightly together in enclosed spaces indefinitely.”




is probably what they are going with at Fox

Police trapped several hundred protesters on a bridge in Dallas on Saturday night but somebody had the presence of mind to call our county judge who is in charge of the COVID response. He went down to the bridge and persuaded the police that trying to book all these people into jail was a very bad idea right now and they released them.

They had already arrested a bunch the night before.

Yeah nothing about all of this is going to help us control this pandemic.


Print and e-mail to your local mayor, Chief of Police, Sheriff:

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this whole week seems dedicated to creating a torrent examples of police misconduct to overwhelm anyone who had any doubts

— Josh Marshall (@joshtpm) June 5, 2020

Tear gas is not all that dangerous. Every soldier in the US Army has to be exposed to it in basic training, for example, with little complications. What’s dangerous is firing those rubber bullets from paint-ball guns. Those things are extremely dangerous. They can EASILY take out an eye. The welt they leave on bared skin is the size of a bloody silver dollar.

Tear Gas Is Way More Dangerous Than Police Let On

Sadly, from the perspective of Trump we need to think if this is a feature or a bug

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