Supreme Court Makes Racial Gerrymandering Even Harder To Prove In New Ruling

Fuck Sam Alito.


There are things. Each of us needs to take a hard look inside and decide how much we’re individually willing to do.


Let me tell you how shocked and surprised I am okay I’m done now.


In 2007, Chief Justice John Roberts wrote “the way to stop discrimination on the basis of race is to stop discriminating based on race.”

At that time, no one wanted to say, clearly and unambiguously, Roberts’ reasoning was racist. A frequent media remark was that Roberts was “disquieting” or “naive” or some equivalent adjective meant to de-amplify the racism.

In 2024, Alito has proven how racist Roberts was - celebrating it, really.

Racists run SCOTUS now. White supremacy is written down right in front of us.


Like what? Besides trying to get out the vote, calling legislators, etc., what do you suggest? (not being snarky)

NO Iraq war and NO financial crash…
Action on Climate

To start.


In other words, we can’t save the majority of SC’s people from being ruled by an ethno-supremacist minority if they don’t save themselves. Way past time to rise up and probably too late.

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if i remember correctly, Kavanagh and Roberts were involved with the Bush v Gore mess back in the day, as young ideologues ratfucking the whole country…


Or at least say, “It’s up to the states to prohibit the practice.” OR “Free speech!”

Oy vey.

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You said it.


Someone could write a very quick alternative history of “what if . . .” Gore elected, Hillary elected . . .

We’d have flying cars by now and not a country on the precipice of civil war.

I’m old enough to regret not seeing a second Jimmy Carter term: a forty-year head start on rational climate change response and no voodoo Reaganomics w/ its systemic robbery of labor and support of plutocratic grift.


She ended her dissent with a look to the future — where states simply have to raise the “possibility” that they drew their gerrymanders with criteria other than race in mind to get off scot-free.

The core takeaway - as long as the state can provide at least one superficial reason that is not racial for their gerrymander, it’s legal.

And, with that, the Court’s conservatives have finally achieved their goal of killing off all the substantive portions of the Voting Rights Act.


Which one(s)?


As the minority justices pointed out in South Carolina they are the same thing.

Alito delivered sophistry at its finist.


This decision published on the day Trump will be holding a rally in the Bronx. Dems should be able to use this decision in ads aimed at black and brown voters. (Should. Will they?)

Easy to despair. Very easy. It’s still possible to fight back, though, state by state, election by election. GOTV!!!


The sliver of good news is that by fucking mostly with the evidentiary record instead of the law itself, it seems to leave plenty of room for future courts to go back to actually enforcing the VRA.

Shorter Alito: I reject your reality and substitute my own.


The way you fight institutional racism (which is what this decision is) is you get up every day and act in such a way that educates you neighbor that racism is wrong and needs to be opposed. Wringing hands and knashing teeth doesn’t get it done.

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It sure would be awesome is Kamila got out there and started saying the things about the SCOTUS that Biden either can’t or won’t given that he is a sitting President.

The Supreme Court has continuously undermined voting rights. This is an easy argument to make.
The Supreme Court has undermined women’s rights. This is also an easy argument to make.
The Supreme Court lacks any judicial ethics. Harder needle to thread but not a stretch for most adults.
The Supreme Court has prevented the EPA from issuing environmental regs and the Department of Ed from forgiving student loans.

Most of the court are geriatric facists, and while age is a sensitive topic for Biden, the next president will get 1-3 appointees depending on the grace of god. She is the perfect voice for these as a non-white, former lawyer, woman. Why are they not leveraging her or this election strategy?