Supreme Court Ignores Details Of January 6 And Trump’s Role In It

The gory details of Jan. 6 — the mobs armed with bear mace and flagpoles-turned-spears, the narrow escape by lawmakers and Vice President Mike Pence, the blood, the injuries, the deaths — got short shrift at Thursday’s oral arguments before the Supreme Court. 

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Money well spent.


I think the voters are going to have to show Honest Don the door, but…I think it’s also wise to use any and every possible tool, lever, and law to get rid of him.

One day he will go the way of Rush Limbaugh, meaning that he’s not brought up, discussed, or in anyone’s thoughts any more.


The voters need to kick this piece of shit to the curb. Anything less will invite political violence and fodder for conspiracy theories.


This is weird. It is like the FBI investigating Bart Kavanaugh to provide a pre-determined outcome without looking at any evidence, interviewing witnesses, going to the crime scene and doing any diligence.

Ginni’s toadies are high on her, and their own supply of white christian psychedelics and ready to trample on the Constitution. January 6 was a tourist visit for friends from the country during mating season.


More election fixing courtesy of SCOTUS.

Their motto: We don’t care. We don’t have to.


I was a little surprised at the argumentation. Most glaring was the use of the term insurrection, because the 14th amendment only applies to failed insurrections. Democracy would have died on January 6 had the plot succeeded and we would already be living in an electoral autocracy. Instead there was this weird notion that somebody could adjudicate failure. Maybe it was a shitty insurrection, but what the framers were damn sure of was that nobody should get a second bite at the apple. Eternal banishment from the ballot. Period. This idea that some objective appraisal from a third party such as Congress as to how much of a failure the attempt was and if it rises to insurrection is irrelevant. It seems that the majority of SCOTUS is quite copacetic with giving Trump another bite at the apple, even in the face of massive evidence of an insurrection where Trump was at the center but, hey, it was such a failure that Congress did certify on January 7 so what happened was just “shameful” and well maybe a few hundred folks went to jail, dozens to the hospital, five died and and $100 million in property damage and cleanup.


Jan 6 was the worst terrorist attack of my life. Others had higher body counts, but this one almost ended our nation.


Ugh. I listened to as much as I could stomach. The whole thing was an exercise of what the definition of “is” is, and nothing about if there was an insurrection and did Trump lead it.

Once again, our institutions twist themselves into pretzels to accommodate the orange menace. Why can no one ever deal with this crook in a straightforward manner? Why does everyone bend over backwards to give him every benefit of the doubt, even when there is absolutely no doubt of his bad behavior?

We are so fscked.


Well, it’s not like the J6 mobs were after them


Follow the money.
How much is Trump’s Court worth and how much lower are their income taxes?




Like we say in Chicago, “the fix is in”.

And has been for decades.


IANAL put isn’t that their job?
Talking heads are saying Scotus wants an offramp
fine take it and drive right past the DC circuit immunity decision.
Without stopping.


There was NEVER and doubt as to how SCOTUS would rule on this


SCOTUS cowers before MAGA threats.


And that certainly has to be considered. If Trump gets away with using a mob to get Congress or the Courts to do what he wants then where is The Rule of Law?



This decision took a direct shot at State’s Rights, at least WRT Federal Election candidates. Hopefully they will rule the same on states abridging voting rights, civil rights and the other rights enumerated by the 14th Amendment, but I am not holding my breath.

I do think the potential for Blue State Governors refusing to certify Electors for Trump after the election based on his disqualification from HOLDING office is a possibility that the new Electoral Count Act clearly allows for.

i am not sure the SCOTUS can stop that given that they do not seem to think it was important to overrule CO”s finding of fact that Trump is an insurrectionist. It may be up to Gov.s Evers, Whitney and Shapiro to insure Trump is disqualified before the EC meets this December.


Unfortunately, there’s that whole presidential library thingy and the eventual state funeral, with all the idiotic trappings treating him like the greatest president in the history of our nation. Just infuriating that that clown was ever elected.