Subpoena Colada: TPM Knows How To Drink | Talking Points Memo

I’ve been told the morning shift bond is strong. But alcohol is stronger.

Kate Riga and I had been working on the morning shift together for a few weeks in the spring of 2018 before we made newfound-friendship plans to embark on the endlessly unsatisfying journey of finding an affordable bar near the TPM New York City office for a good old fashioned happy hour. The first attempt was Cafe Champignon on 22nd and 7th. We could afford one glass of wine. Again, endlessly unsatisfying.

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I’ve read TPM since early 2005 after having found the site on Daily Kos’ blogroll. I was immediately hooked, and I’m thankful to be able to support the organization via my Prime investment (which is exactly what it is). Reading this made me smile and laugh. It puts a human face on a team whose reliability, diligence and humor are on public display but whose personalities and quirks are somewhat obscured by the nature of the work. You are all awesome and TPM is my go-to many times a day. Thank you for all that every single one of you does.


I love your comment and agree with all of it. TPM was a lifesaver for me. I started reading it practically from the beginning in December 2000. I’m still not over that election. And don’t ask me about the illegal Iraq war. I’ve supported Josh from his first ask for help and right up to today as a Prime member. I can always trust what is written because I know that any mistakes are retracted or corrected. Thanks to all of you.


I have no idea how or even when I found TPM, but as you say, it’s my money well spent.