Stacey Abrams Open To Being A VP Pick For ‘Any Nominee’

Stacey Abrams, who became a breakout Democratic star after an ultimately unsuccessful run for Georgia governor in 2018, said in an interview published Wednesday that she’d be “honored” to be the vice presidential pick for “any nominee.”

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My dream ticket for a while now has been Buttigieg/Abrams.


I think she would make a great VP and announcing the fact now might give her some influence over the POTUS primaries.


Those two will make an intelligent/passionate rebuttal and a mincemeat out of all the LIES from MYTHOMANIAC-In-Chief
= 12,019 LIES in 928 days!


Stacey Abrams Says She’s Open To Being A VP Pick For ‘Any Nominee’

Just for the record, so am I.

Just wanted to put that out there to make it official.

I am also available for any Victoria’s Secret models who would like to join me in a polygamous relationship with a member of a fabulously wealthy royal family. Just throwing my hat in the ring on that one, too.

EDIT: To be clear, I like Stacey Abrams a lot as a candidate. But these sorts of announcements at this stage are just silly.


Dear Every Democratic Candidate,
Please pick Stacey Abrams as your running mate.

The Democratic Electorate


Warren / Abrams


I would have loved for her to run for Senate but, I’d be happy with VP Abrams and I think her 2020 Voter Initiative is great.


Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that would be a nightmare ticket for the Democratic party.
I’m guessing that ticket will would go over like a lead balloon with the moderates/independents. Can’t ignore them as they represent over 40% of the the electorate.
Trump would have a field day running against them with lies, fear mongering and innuendo.


I don’t see Abrams as a particularly strong VP candidate. Most Veeps have been Senators or Governors. Being a state assembly member and a runner-up for Gov misses the mark a bit.


Booker is screwed…

She’s great as a Senate or a gubernatorial candidate, but I think she lacks the serious foreign policy gavitas that most of the current candidates will need on their team.


Any nominee? Well, not Trump, surely.


Probably not VP material yet. At this stage, it’s pretty much all about electability. I know, I know, I hate it too but it’s the hard fact. This not the time for grand gestures.There’s a meaningful role for Abrams in any Democratic administration but not a VP candidate in this cycle.


Saw her on Maddow last night, discussing fairfight2020. She is just awesome, a true force for positive change.


He’s going to do that anyway.
Realistically, I’d be happy with either as VP.

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Announcing this sort of thing in public frankly seems a little gauche. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.


Would rather see her run for Gov. again. We don’t need VPs, what we need are strong Democratic Governors, and lots of them, if we ever wish to have any liberal or progressive legislation be adopted country wide.


My baseline metric is either federal experience or executive experience (and preferably both). Either you’ve dealt with every topic the president will have to deal with (albeit probably in a congressional capacity), or you’ve demonstrated you know how to run a big organization.

I will be interested to see what Abrams can bring to the table in 2024 or 2028.


She is great to have on the short list - she may need a bit more on her CV to be the actual choice - but simply to have her name in the discussion sets / heightens certain qualitative expectations for the selection process - she represents strong character - impressive clarity of thought - and while very human… a very no-nonsense attitude toward approaching good government in an objective and efficient manner.

A key substantive cabinet post might on the horizon …

… just a curiosity - I can’t recall anyone in the past having sort of “tossed their hat in the ring” for the VP spot…