Some Footage From Night Epstein Died Unusable For Investigators

Footage from one of the cameras nearby Jeffrey Epstein’s cell the night he died is too flawed for investigators to use, though other cameras in the vicinity did capture clearer shots.

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I am so surprised at this shocking development…
Said no one ever


No one could have foreseen this turn of events. I’m shocked–shocked–that you would suggest that there is a cover up of any kind.



A long time ago, one of my professors said, “If you have a choice between conspiracy and stupidity, choose stupidity every time.” That has proved to be a very good guide.

Still, hmmm…


I am not a conspiracy theorist but this Epstein situation is going to turn me into one.

Prince Andrew, in the Comet Pizza basement, with a rope.


Next we’ll be hearing that the clearer camera footage was accidentally overwritten during part of the time-window.


“Jail authorities further added that they had no idea who installed a meat hook on his cell’s ceiling and left an extra set of thin sheets along with some polonium capsules and a loaded Beretta”.


Well, digital storage space is really expensive these days what with Trump’s tariffs and stuff.


I remember 2 years ago when some sharp-eyed people noticed that Stephen Miller (the Vile Lizard) was throwing white supremacy hand-signs in the Press room, and others said “no, that’s ridiculous, we have norms and standards and not even the Trumpistas would engage in such conduct!” and now we look back on that as a simpler, more innocent time.

Sorry, there is a statistically-significant possibility that he was murdered.



it is unclear if the issue with the camera was only happening that night, or if it has been a long-running problem.

I am sad that nobody took my bet that this was going to happen…


Because it would have been lost money. The footage was guaranteed to be compromised from the first moment, otherwise they would have blasted out within hours that he was provably alone in his cell from when he was last checked on until found dead.


Shitty jail had a shitty camera, but the other ones were working okay. Hence, Epstein was murdered.


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How much footage? Eighteen minutes’ worth?


The shocked Captain Renault took his winnings, but was never seen gambling.

MCC is under BOP who is under DOJ. Coverup General Barr’s mendacity esp. on Mueller’s Report is making it very hard NOT speculate why Epstein did NOT have a roommate after his attempted suicide, broken hyoid bone more consistent with homicide but could also be brittle due to age, and now some unusable camera footage!

Color me suspicious but it seems there were too many ‘coincidences’ that lead to Epstein’s demise.


Epstein was made dead on August 10. We’re hearing about this on August 27.

I guess it must take about two weeks to distort a tape in a way to make it look legit.


“Footage unusable”

What a fucking odd phrase.

I mean - WTF is that supposed to mean?

Spit out the issue. It’s not ‘in focus’? Not possible. “The file is CORRUPTED”? Well - that sounds almost like someone corrupted it. So can’t say that. “Aimed in the wrong direction” perhaps?

WHAT EXACTLY makes it unusable. And why THIS particular camera.

Look - there’s a saying in archaeology. “Any two holes make a line - it takes THREE to make a row.” And of course, Ian Fleming’s great Bond adage - “Once is accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

We have a veritable shitstorm of ‘perfect coincidences’ that conspired to allow this.

His preparation to suicide (Changing the will) - his opportunity to suicide (Taken off watch) - his window to suicide - (‘sleeping guards’) - the coverup (unusable footage).

Qui Bono?

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to figure it out.


The (perhaps critical) variant that I’ve always heard of that is along the lines of “Don’t look for conspiracy when stupidity will suffice to explain something”.

Minor tweak that would be meaningful here, as stupidity was never going to explain how all of the things had to fall into place to take him out.


You consistently dismiss every piece of circumstantial evidence that argues for skepticism about the official account and then insult the actual skeptics as credulous rumormongers who should be shamed by your superior logic and critical thinking skills. Something’s wrong with this picture.