SNL Bashes Fox & Friends: ‘Coffee, Smiles, Fear And Terror’ | Talking Points Memo

SNL’s Fox & Friends had a lot of intelligent commentary on the government near-shutdown this weekend. To begin, they noted (in)correctly that it was the first time in our nation’s history that a budget showdown had almost resulted in the shuttering of the federal government. To be fair, there were some government programs they weren’t too broken up about getting rid of, Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity initiative among them. Vanessa Bayer’s Gretchen Carlson noted that if American kids get too skinny, all the film and television roles for chubby kids will go to the Mexicans. ¡Qué lástima! For additional commentary, Helen Mirren as Sandy, President of the Eagle Coalition Fireworks Emporium, weighed in from Yuma, Arizona, on the “border war.” Sandy dropped the bombshell on us that all those border warriers south of the border are reportedly poaching pregnant American women to increase the number of Mexican citizens. Watch it here from NBC:

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