Six Fake Pro-Trump Electors Indicted In Nevada

The chair of the Nevada Republican Party is among the six Republicans who were indicted by a Nevada grand jury on Wednesday for sending a false slate of electoral votes for Donald Trump to Congress after President Biden won the state in 2020.

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Former Trump lawyer Kenneth Chesebro, whose attorney said last week that he was cooperating with investigators, was listed as a witness in the indictment.

Apparently there is no honor among thieves, or even attempted thieves.




Senate puts its money where its mouth is.

I hope Putin is suitably thankful.


So is Chesebro not in legal jeopardy in this case? Seems to me to be a good opportunity for him to get some well deserved jail time.


FAFO, Mofos.


“The indicted Republicans include Nevada GOP Chair Michael McDonald” What a fool believes?



The orange man has the power. To reason away.



What seems to be
Is always better than nothing
Than nothing at all


Gee, I’m confused. Six, count 'em six fake Nevada electors were just indicted.

Odd, but I do recall seeing another member here be informed by a self-appointed legal know-it-all that the fake electors in Wisconsin couldn’t be prosecuted because, hmm, what was the challenge, “what law did they break?” Now if anyone was wondering, this is one of the many reasons lawyers why are so hated. They have the balls to charge $500 an hour and don’t much seem to care if they’re peddling gold or horseshit.

If they can be indicted in Nevada, seems to me they can be indicted in Wisconsin.

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Boy, that Doobie Brothers singer really let himself go, huh?


Indictments in Nevada, Georgia and Michigan(?). Arizona is still investigating. What up Pennsylvania? Seems like the dominoes are falling.

Didn’t they plead guilty today in Wisconsin and issue a statement that Biden won the election?

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Why Pennsylvania electors are unlikely to face prosecution

That was a civil case. Criminal penalties, such as jail time, don’t apply.

Would that have been that churlish, worthless Jonathon Turley?

Immediately after 1/6, i thought our DOJ was moving too slow, without any direction or plan, and with no goal to punish traitors who tried to steal an election.
Then, i thought, they were wasting time to go only after the bait fish, ignoring the top pols and party leaders who were clearly involved.
Then i feared the statute of limitations might run out on too many seditionists and traitors (and still think so) letting them go free . . . Or at least be inexpensive.

Now, as the jaws of litigation close in on Duh FurHair, i admit that at least three prosecutors are kicking ass and taking names, and at least one is still too scared of his own shadow(or trump building’s shadow), looks like a wimp. Those jaws? For trump, they are closing in on his testicular blood supply. For us, they represent the jaws of life for this nation.

His secret lies in his Burger King powered farts.

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