Several Republicans May Back Kaine’s War Powers Resolution Checking Trump | Talking Points Memo

At least two more Republicans say they support the “intent” of Sen. Tim Kaine’s War Powers resolution, which he is bringing up for a vote after the President Trump-ordered assassination of an Iranian general escalated U.S. tensions with the country.

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There it is, Susan Collins is “concerned” again. Good God Almighty!


Do you want your demented grandfather to drive the car whenever he wants … or do you want him to have to ask for the keys first?


It’s like a reflex at this point. She even has to be concerned about something that the more conservative senator from Indiana(!) is on board with.


Maybe after the inevitable Iranian proxy terror attack, Susy will be more concerned…

Or not…


It’s like the old joke, “I want to go quietly in my sleep, like my grandfather. Not yelling and screaming, like the passengers in his car.” The GOP can’t decide to get out of the car or even to try to take away his driving privileges.


It’s interesting that more Republicans seem uncomfortable with Trump having these powers now…I bet we’d see more getting behind this if Trump had escalated with Iran. Maybe it’s a sign that they aren’t trusting him as much with military control, it would be a good thing if they stepped this up.


Even if they don’t have enough votes to override a veto it would definitely be sweet to force Trump into having to veto.
And it might actually happen.


Oh, please. Neither one of them have any intention of doing anything of the sort.

Just more preening for the news cycle.


Then we better hope that Mitch says nothing (or he can’t affect the override.)


There is language in the resolution about imminent treat. Take out the two paragraphs nobody should have any problems.


He was also talking about people with no legs “running around” and dead people talking today. Yeah, we need legislation to restrain him. Damn thing’s gone wild.


Senator Susan Collins stated that while she is considering participating in the office’s group order from Starbucks, she was concerned that staffers were not giving enough consideration to Dunkin Donuts, which she said is closer to the Capitol.


OT but hmmm.

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I remember when the ACA was being negotiated with Collins and Snow insisting on stuff . They both then voted it against it as I recall. Neither Collins nor Young are trustworthy.


"Asked Thursday if the Kaine could pick up enough Republican votes to get the resolution onto Trump’s desk, Lee said, “I think so.”

This should be a no-brainer opportunity for a veto-proof reponse. There have been few opportunities to slow this runaway train wreck. This is one. Please!

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I didn’t read the article because I’m honestly too tired, but I expect whatever resolution that’s meant to attract the reThugs will end up as watered down piss and probably fail to pass anyway.

They’re all chickenhawks until the chicken shit hits the fan. Even then they can’t take away the button from the toddler in chief’s impulsive need to drive us to war for whatever insane and thoughtless reason. Fools, all of them. Staring into the abyss and they still will do nothing to prevent the country from falling into catastrophe. Here’s their chance…Now watch them blow it.

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The Republicans, Sens. Susan Collins (R-ME) and Todd Young (R-IN), did however indicate that they still had some concerns about the current language of Kaine’s resolution.
Oh Susan just stop pretending, you are an empty suit and will fold in 2 seconds.

She is Lucy with the football!