Settlement Reached In Ohio Voter Purge Case | Talking Points Memo

One of the disputes fueling the war over Ohio’s purge process was resolved Thursday, with the announcement of a settlement in years-long litigation related to the purge regime.

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To be fair and upfront:

My mother’s cousin was the GOP Registrar of Voters in his small CT town in the 60s, 70s, and 80s.

He was doing this kind of canvass back then - felt it was a major annoyance, but it was part of the job. All by snail mail, back then.

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On a grey November day nothing stirs the blood like the chance to cast a provisional ballot.


The exception was implemented through the 2018 elections and ultimately covered 8,570 total purged voters who showed up at their polling place to cast a ballot

So let me get this right: this fair and well-implemented “purge” would have denied the vote to 8570 real voters in 2018, and we don’t even know how many others were denied? Yet they’re going to purge another half million before 2020?

And nobody goes to jail, no fine is paid. What is the financial value of being able to vote?


I would like to add they have already announced there will be fewer poll workers because of mail in ballots…for what is predicted to be a record turnout.


Letting qualified voters vote? The largesse involved in granting rights is a bit underwhelming.


Republicans lose when all barriers to voting and having that vote counted are removed.


Rest assured, only provisional rights have been granted. The jury is still out on the legality of their constitutional rights. The GOP needs to see a gun before they defend anyone’s constitutional rights.


lemme guess, the ones who’s vote will be counted are the ones with the R’s on their registration cards, all others can politely fuck off


I take it as admission that the purges were politically motivated and courts will rule so. This is an end run to try to stave off a court ruling, period.


I see no reason that we cannot rely on the selfless judgement and good intentions of these dedicated servants of the people. (Yes, if it is not obvious, that was snark.)


Gee, how very white of them…

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use it once = lifetime membership

Government has no right in the Constitution to legislate otherwise.


While Secretary of State Frank LaRose did not concede that the notices were NVRA violations

  1. With the acknowledgement of Don the Con as leader of the Republican Party the GOP is firmly committed to voter suppression as the only strategy for reelection,

  2. They will not admit this (see block quote above).

  3. It will not work


OT but…
I once posted that the worst trump could do would be to grill a fetus. I was wrong. It’s unbelievable but the trump people want to deport sick kids who can only get the treatments they need to stay alive here in the USA. There is the story of a young lady in California who has a rare genetic disease. She’s from Guatemala. She was invited to come here to participate in clinical trials. She is now gonna be deported within a month. This is trump dealing a death sentence to an innocent person. The link is here:

This must be the most shameful action I have witnessed my government come up with in my 70 years of life. And it is not a one off either. Similar cases are reported from Miami, Boston and San Francisco. I have seen my government do a lot of stupid shit but this is the most callous, cold hearted and cruel thing I have been made aware of. Worse than kids in cages, worse than immigrants with so little room in their facility they cannot even sit down much less have a private place to take a dump. This is deliberate state condoned murder of innocent kids. And I am not overstating the cruelty here.
This story is going national
Except for Fox News

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So now somebody in Ohio chooses which votes of formerly but now purged registered voters count?

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Republicans often have dishonest motivations when it comes to choosing methods to update the voter registration rolls in their state, but such maintenance is done regularly in other states without much controversy. Republicans need to have more faith in the non-partisan administration of government. They can start by not appointing partisan ideologues to purge voter registrations.

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I’m increasingly bothered by the universally-adopted language of this – “purge” certainly connotes removing bad things. I smell a Luntz.

Our friends Merriam and Webster offer:
1a: to clear of guilt.
1b: to free from moral or ceremonial defilement

2a: to cause evacuation from
purge the bowels
b: to make free of something unwanted
purge a manhole of gas

One hopes there’s a better word available, and that journalists will use it. How about just “voter removal?”