Senators Get Second Bite At The Apple During Day 2 Of Barrett Questioning | Talking Points Memo

On Wednesday, senators get a second chance to press Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett during another questioning round. Yesterday, Democrats spent their time highlighting the deeply-held rights that would be at risk with a Justice Barrett: health care coverage under the ACA, LGBTQ protections, access to legal abortions.

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Lock? How about “religious zealot?”


Dems have to start being explicit about the legitimacy crisis the Supreme Court is facing. “Americans must be able to trust the Supreme Court to be nonpartisan. As Trump has boasted, he has nominated you precisely because you a reliable Republican operative”–somebody has to say stuff like this. “The Ginsburg Rule” is a tell–nobody but Republican partisans uses this term and this false concept, because there’s no such thing as a Ginsburg Rule. The failure to acknowledge that voter intimidation would be unlawful–only a Republican operative would do that. The failure to confirm that a peaceful transfer of power is required by the law–only a Republican operative would do that."

They have to start laying the groundwork for SC reform now. Americans have to understand that the stakes are not just about the ACA–a line of argument that marginally benefits Biden. And what if (as is entirely possible, and I would even say likely) the Supreme Court doesn’t strike down the ACA, or ACB doesn’t vote to strike it down? That would leave Ds in a rhetorically sticky spot.


Don’t tempt her with the apple! That’s the original sin!

Bring it, Senator Whitehouse.


If the SC doesn’t support the lower court in annulling the law, that’s a win for the nation’s people, even if the Democrat’s rhetoric leaves them out on a limb. (ed.)
It’s easier to crawl back from an erroneous prediction than from the damage that will be done by the elimination of health care for so many, particularly now, in the midst of a pandemic.


Finally some good news Go virginia


Meh…waste of time.

Yesterday when she couldn’t or wouldn’t comment on what is explicitly a peaceful transfer of power I thought that I hope that she doesn’t think it’s when the puffs of white smoke emerge from the White House or Capitol chimney.


Graham made the case that there is not just a glass ceiling, but a “reinforced concrete barrier” around conservative women that Barrett will be smashing through with her confirmation.

Drop your pearls, liddle Linsey, the first woman on the Supreme Court was Sandra day O’Connor, a conservative’s conservative.

Next made-up victim meme, please!


Senators Get Second Bite At The Apple During Day 2 Of Barrett Questioning

Hope they have a taste for worms.


Someone needs to shut down this Ginsburg Rule nonsense by pointing out that Republicans don’t follow informal rules of behavior. If there is no rule saying that the voters should decide who gets to pick the nominee in an election rule, something Republicans called “The Biden rule” in 2016. Actually, if the Republicans are invoking a rule they’re naming after a Democrat, it means they are trying to pull a scam on voters by invoking something they’ll be glad to shatter when it’s convenient for them.


Can’t watch. Won’t watch. It is a fait accompli.

With that…

The woman is the antithesis of everything RBG was and stood for. She brings shame on all who have rammed this nomination through, and she shows how shameless she behaves for accepting this nomination while people are currently voting.



More than 10 million people across the U.S. have already voted in the 2020 election, shattering early voting records with 21 days to go
Around this time four years ago, about 1.4 million early votes had been cast

The article has a link to the current tallies for each state if you’re interested.


Just me or is this site super slow??


Can a president shoot a man on 5th Avenue and get away with it? Barrett: “I can’t apply the law to a hypothetical set of facts,”


If this woman had an ounce of integrity, one f’ing ounce, she would ask that her nomination be withdrawn and maybe resubmitted If tRump wins the election. Obviously, any integrity is missing. She, like all her other Federalists travelers, wants to subject this country to their obsolete theories and grant corporations free reign over our lives.


It seems creaky this morning.


… not only that, but apparently she is in the pocket of the booze lobby. I heard her tell Senator Whitehouse that she would approach every case with an open wine… I can only hope she won’t be boofing with the right honorable justice Kavanaugh.

Ted Cruz is an odious creature.