Senators Acknowledge That Time Is Running Out For A Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

Noises are emerging from Capitol Hill that infrastructure talks may be nearing a make-or-break point. 

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Manchin? Joe Manchin? Sinema? Bueller? Anyone?


Warren knows Republicans are playing these centrists. I’m glad she and Sanders are there to hold peoples feet to the fire.


In the movies, the people don’t become aware of infrastructure deficiencies until the dam bursts, the bridge collapses, or they have to spend 3 months drinking cholera water. They don’t even react when the Zombie Apocalypse is underway. The Texas power outage this winter was highly illustrative as people refused to see the systemic failure coming for a decade. So if all we are today is a backward-facing nation and the 21st century is shaping up to be a total write-off, maybe it’s time to get young politicians in there to provide us a positive narrative about the possibilities of the 22nd century.


Somewhat o-t


“Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) described the talks on Wednesday as ‘constructive’…”

The same guy who just said ”100% of our focus is on stopping this new administration"?


They’re members of the negotiating group.


If you just look at “hard infrastructure”, the maintenance and replacement costs are about $150 billion a year. And that does not include transitioning to new energy or novel transport systems. It also does not include the costs of keeping the country at the edge of the technology frontier, costs that soar as you approach the outer limit. A very uninspired “road fixer” bill for $1.5 trillion over 10 years should be entirely doable if there was any good faith on the part of Republicans left. There isn’t.


And the Republicans go
“Doo do doo do doo do do doo…”


The GOP has long demanded that the Biden administration describe in detail how it plans to raise money to finance any new spending. When talks began in April, Republicans immediately took tax increases and deficit financing off the table, with Capito proposing that Biden cannibalize the American Rescue Plan to pay for the legislation.

This is how we know these GOP ‘moderates’ are operating in bad faith. You can’t simultaneously demand the bill must be paid for, but not using any of the proposed methods from the other side, and claim you are negotiating in good faith.

I know we were forced to go through this process to convince Manchin to agree with reconciliation, but it unnecessarily delayed this infrastructure bill by five months and counting.


Long story, but i know that part of the area. If any of their staff members live in that area (gentrification) or New Carrollton, then get your popcorn ready.


Yeah it’s just starting to feel pretty Susan Collinsy.


I gotta look for that press release, but i don’t think she was mentioned.


Superstructure, not infrastructure.

Doesn’t count


Democrats are making progress inch by inch. Unfortunately, every time they give Republicans one inch to make one inch of forward progress, Republicans take a whole mile. That is why, after making a total of x inches of forward progress, the Democrats find themselves unaccountably x miles away from where they want to be, infrastructurewise. And yet they’re happy that x keeps getting larger and larger!


Gentrification fixes that


Any one giving this a serious chance of succeeding? It should, of course, but these days the merits of a bill are completely irrelevant.
How long can we go as a nation without a functioning government?


That’s the point. In tough time, people will give up some of their democratic rights if it comes with institutional capacity to fix things. The GOP strategy in recent years has been to attack fundamental rights such as voting while working to diminish institutional capacity and blaming somebody else. As to how long such poor functioning can be tolerated, you can take the roughly three decades between 1960 and 1990 for the USSR to rust out. Venezuela, which also has massive oil reserves, expects to continue to see lower GDP this year and next even with higher oil prices. So far Maduro remains in power. Argentina, however, is the only country to revert from first-world to third-world status, and that was from a huge shock to its meat business. Assuming no major global calamity like a nuclear war, I think the GOP can deliver a crumbling, cynical US that nevertheless lasts for several decades just through inertia.


When the NCAA refused to compromise even a little on fairness to to the players, they were slammed by the Court. Expect the Senate republicans to suffer the same fate in the Congress.

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