Senate GOPers Bash Impeachment Trial By Hammering Into Disputed Legal Claim | Talking Points Memo

Senate Republicans on Sunday rehashed a new GOP line arguing that impeaching former President Donald Trump is unconstitutional now that he has left office — a disputed legal argument that constitutional scholars have dismissed.

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They can run their mouths but he can’t hide.


Ah the Republican boys are soooo embarrassed that they supported T****, and now they just want to wash that man right out of their hair since he’s been sent on his way.


I’m cool with this. Trump is an albatross around the Republican party, managed to lose two Senate seats at one time in Georgia of all places.

If they don’t want to move beyond him, that’s totally cool with me.


“I think that’s an arrogant statement for anyone to make. Voters get to decide that,” Rubio said. “Who are we to tell voters who they can vote for in the future?”

Says the guy who has been arguing that ex-felons shouldn’t be allowed to vote, despite the fact that Floridans overwhelmingly voted that they should.

Yes, Mr. Rubio, who indeed are you to tell voters who they can vote for in the future?


The Framers included impeachment “to safeguard the reputation of the Republic”.
Our reputation as a Republic requires the total repudiation of Trump whether he’s in office or not.


Maybe it’s more like they’re the girls who can’t say ‘no’ (When Donnie comes a’calling)


Go further. He also saw the GOP lose both Senate seats in Arizona. And lose a majority in the House. AND the Senate. While also losing the WH. He oversaw the biggest shift in party power in the history of our country in his fours years…towards the opposition party.


It is a bad legal argument. It is also made in bad faith.


The Republican party no longer exists. It is the Trumpist party now. It is completely corrupt and irredeemable.
They will seize on any pretext to avoid accountability of any kind, for Trump or, by extension, for themselves.
Use the trial to lay out all of the evidence regardless of the probable outcome. That part is important. But any real reckoning for Trump will have to come through the legal systems, both state and federal.
A political reckoning is out of reach, given the GOP’s utter corruption.
The Democrats should keep the trial short, having made their points: to wit, that Trump is a traitor and the GOP is, too. Then force the media to dance to their tune instead of allowing the media to make up its own sour song.


And now he’s talking about starting the Patriot Party, which would get all its membership from the Republicans.

I’m all for leaving him free to keep working for Hillary from the inside.


Amazing that cotton can look like Disney drew a flunky henchman and put him into congress.


Good morning, Darlin’.

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Well they did play coy for awhile, and when they resisted at first, he persisted, and they caved. It reminds me a bit about some folks who get conned, and are embarrassed that they got conned, and they don’t want to talk about how stupid they were.


If this had been an issue the Senate could have returned from their recess to address it. Instead, they waited until 1/19. If the issue really was that you couldn’t hold an impeachment trial after the end of the term, Pelosi could have reconvened the House on Thursday, January 7th, delivered the indictment on Friday, and the hearing could have begun on Monday, January 11th. Instead, the Senate stayed on vacation after our Republic had been threatened. Imagine if Roosevelt had said “Hey, this is a day that will live in infamy, but, shoot, the holidays are coming, and I hate to postpone the lighting of the Christmas tree. Elanor will be peeved.”


“Disney drew a flunky henchman”

Perfect. Cotton is fucking Goofy.


The was Blind Faith, a boomer rock band. And there’s Bad Faith, the cornerstone of the modern Republican party.


Shame on you for besmirching Goofy!!


Of course they are. you know the saying, when all you have is a hammer then every problem looks like a nail. It’s all they have other than coming out and admitting the truth. That they are terrified of an insurrectionist and think they might get primaried in some distant election. Apparently unfazed by the fact that Donald J Trump is heading down a road filled with criminal and then civil charges that will leave him powerless, most likely jailed and broke. But they just don’t want to chance it being the abject cowards that they are.


There will be no Trump third party.

He has no political machine, and no ability to build one. (His staff has vanished on him) He has no large donor network (bilking his rubes for a few million, $20 at a shot, ain’t going to come close to build a new political party. And big donors cut him off during the campaign). He has perhaps the worst record of any President in terms of getting the people he endorsed, actually elected (I mean, consider that as a republican President, he LOST in Alabama in both the primary and the general, with his endorsements). Oh, and he his banned from Twitter, so he doesn’t even have that platform to screech on.

Now, American history is long on people trying to build “third parties” around a individual running for President. And every one of them has failed utterly. Because, besides the many, many systemic barriers a third party faces, it cannot be about 1 individual. It has to be built from the ground up, state legislatures, Representatives and Senators, all before you run for President. And anyone who thinks this egomaniac is going to engage in that sort of hard work for someone besides himself, hasn’t been paying attention.