SCOTUS To Weigh Whether To Fast Track Texas Obamacare Case | Talking Points Memo

The Supreme Court will not go as quickly as blue states would like when it comes to deciding whether to take up a case seeking to dismantle Obamacare, but is still moving promptly to consider a request to fast-track such a review, if granted.

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Fast track killing ObamaCare, slow walk subpoenas for admin officials who can personally report Dumpy’s impeachable offenses.



Oh, yes. Kill it just in time for the election.

I mean, the SCOTUS has already decided one election. May as well decide one that won’t destroy what’s left of the country.


This should be fast-tracked. It’s insane to have this level of uncertainty regarding people’s lives and on something that represents about 20% of our entire economy.

It’s only fair people know when they go to the voting booths what the healthcare policy of the country is regarding the ACA, so they can vote their interests and conscience.

No need to slow walk this, unless SCOTUS has a greater interest in protecting Republicans.


As long as the Supreme Court is in the hands of Republicans, I think it’s fair to refer to it as SCROTUS.

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sent the case back to the district court last month to re-asses its findings

Typo or subjective judgment, Tierney?



You’ll know the conservative Justices are in the tank for Trump’s re-election if there aren’t enough votes to fast track this case and return a decision before November, 2020.

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GOPSCOTUS, our very own Body Politic…

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Oh, they’re very much in the tank for Trump’s reelection. That’s why I think Roberts’ ideal outcome would be to deny review and let it go back to the trial court for further proceedings. If the four liberal justices vote to grant review, he’s stuck between expediting review and voting to uphold the ACA for the third time (which would get Trump’s base worked up) or deciding not to expedite and keeping the issue alive and motivating for Dem voters by setting it for argument in the fall.

Note that the four liberals may want to deny review for the time being. If the case goes back to the lower courts for the next couple years, there may be a new president and a new Democratic majority in the Senate who could moot the whole case by reinstating the tax penalty. That’s a budget item that could pass through reconciliation even if McConnell tried to filibuster it. Set the penalty at $1 and declare victory so that John Roberts never gets his hands on the ACA again.


A decision to kill Obamacare before the next election will certainly result in a Republican wipeout this fall. Just imagine all those 60 year old diabetic Maga people when they realize they no longer have protection from preexisting conditions.

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