SCOTUS Set To Kill Corruption Prosecutions | Talking Points Memo

Time for some traffic problems in the Supreme Court docket.

Last week, the high court announced it would hear arguments in the infamous ‘Bridgegate’ case, where officials in former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s office were convicted of fraud and abuse of office for engineering a traffic jam as a form of political payback.

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It would be another example of the court trying to narrow the playing field for what could amount to corrupt government action

Sounds to me like the perfect case for the tRump toadies on the court to show their appreciation, and to keep their benefactor from being labeled corrupt


It’s clear that the U.S. has been in a downward spiral for many years now. The real question is not when we’ll pull ourselves out of this but, rather, whether we ever will? Civilizations do collapse. Historically, they all have. This is not encouraging.


Oh, for fuck’s sake. Has there ever been a clearer, more deliberately harmful case of government corruption than Bridgegate? If SCOTUS reverses this, I estimate we’re going to hell in a handbasket somewhere between 100 mph and 9/10 the speed of light.


Christie’s reign was permeated with heavy handed manipulation schemes - he was and is skilled at exploiting the system in very shady & dishonest ways for his own gain … often in ways that subsequently bring rules & laws against any repeat of his action. Christie is the one who should have been on trial - but he was always mindful of the need to have deniability.


How is it that Chris Christie walked in Bridgegate? How is it that Chris Christie forgave Donald Trump millions and millions in NJ State Tax Obligations and has paid not a single consequence?


Where this is headed is kind of obvious

Donald Trump promised to drain the Washington swamp. Instead, he has surrounded himself with family members, appointees and advisers who’ve been accused of conflicts of interest, misuse of public funds, influence peddling, self-enrichment, working for foreign governments, failure to disclose information and violating ethics rules. Some are under investigation or facing lawsuits, others have resigned and five have either been convicted or pleaded guilty, including three for lying to government officials. Scandals plague all administrations, but Trump’s is only two years old and the allegations keep on coming.


The article is repetitive but seems to be leaving things unsaid.

Is the problem not what is illegal, but what is not illegal, leading to prosecutors having to come up with novel legal interpretations to prosecute corruption cases (e.g. the use of overtime in the Bridgegate case)?

If the claim is that the problem is the law and not the court, why doesn’t the article say this?


Since about 80% of the grifting and corruption by public officials arise from Republicans, GOP appointed justices want to stop any legal recourse. Isn’t this pretty much what is occurring?


It looks like a golden opportunity for what I’m calling WITWIN jurisprudence. Smart Republicans deploying their wit to do Whatever It Takes for the WIN. WITWIN believes the flimsiest of rationales to exonerate the Republican, even when the trial jury did not. Meanwhile, the door will be left wide open to sue Democrats for enacting popular policies that 80% of the public support, for the corrupt intent of getting voters to vote for the politicians who got the job done.

Really the only practical limit on WITWIN is that the Chief Justice is slightly less witty that Justice Drinking Age.


If the court further guts protection against political corruption, that’s a good issue for Democrats. Even Republican voters disapprove of corruption. And, of course, this is the most corrupt maladministration since Grant’s. (Comparing Trump and Grant is a real insult to Grant, who was a great man, if not a great president.)


yep and the birth of this movement began with Reagan era
makes nixon’s era seem like amateur hour


By this article’s measure, you’re being kind to Republicans.
Republicans scored
–eighteen times more individuals and entities indicted,
–thirty-eight times more convictions, and
–thirty-nine times more individuals who had prison time.

[and note the current admin’s not included]


Barbara McQuade: It would be another example of the court trying to narrow the playing field for what could amount to corrupt government action.

It would also be another example of the decline and fall of the U.S. empire which seems to be well and truly underway.


If we aren’t going to have rules protecting average citizens from the powerful there is little or no chance our democracy will survive. We will become the world’s largest banana boat republic. A banana boat republic armed with nuclear weapons. Just how long do you think the world will survive in that jungle?


SCOTUS: Make laws clearer so that we can make a decision.
Turtle: No law will be passed here.
SCOTUS: Well, then we can’t decide… No Corruption!

Great duo!


“For if the bomb that drops on you
hits your friends and neighbors too
there’ll be nobody left behind to grieve.
And we will all go together when we go…”
–Tom Lehrer


This is what happens when Republicans pack the courts with every asshole from the Federalist Society they can get their hands on!


America inches ever more closely to being FUBAR.


But all they have to do in order to deflect from their scandals is bring up a Democrat’s past scandal.
Like when Trump faced the fallout from the Access Hollywood tape, he brought all of Clinton’s accusers with him to the following weekend debate and essentially just threw mud at both Bill and Hillary to deflect from his taped words that were just “locker room talk”.
In order to deflect from his Epstein connection, many news sources have helped him out by bringing up Bill Clinton’s many flights and friendship with Epstein.
Does not matter if there’s nothing there. It’s Bill Clinton and many will just assume the worst because of his past deeds. The media helps like this:
Trump flew once on Epstein’s jet, but Bill made more than twenty some trips. See how that works.
No, it was not just Fox that reported on Clinton’s many trips. It was all over the media.