Schiff: Mueller’s Testimony Is For Publicly Laying Out Report

House Intelligence chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) explained on Sunday the importance of have special counsel Robert Mueller testify publicly this week.

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Hoping for the golden ‘sound bite’.

I’m terrified what we’ll get is, “I refer you to page sixty-seven, sub paragraph four for the answer”.


I agree Filmknight.

I suspect that at 70 Mueller can’t get a new social life thus his reluctance to testify.
This group is his peers.
His wife & Barr’s are buddies.
He was a member of Trump club in Dulles, VA.
When you can afford Trump club you are a powerful rich elite. Not a big circle. To join that type club you like the social life & self-select into it. He has children who socialize in those circles.
Mueller is old & wealthy he doesn’t want to deal with political fallout.
Where will he socialize if the GOP socially shun him & his wife & kids…even if he has moral fortitude it’s not worth social cost to his kids & grandkids.

So, I agree…we are likely to hear citations

“ page number, third paragraph, sentence ffive”

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The report is the smoking gun. We don’t need any new revelations. Schiff is politically smart to downplay expectations for bombshells b/c the key is to have Americans understand what is already in the report. It’s damning AF.

Additionally, Mueller could present a big value add by simply restating certain conclusions in plain English as opposed to legalese. I suspect the GOPers on the committee will end up unwittingly walking Mueller into making such statements because they are dumb.

As for Mueller, this report is your life’s work. Defend it. Defend the conclusions. Explain them to the American people. That’s his duty.


They can then ask him to read it. Also I think that, in spite of Mueller’s reluctance to get involved in the “politics” of this matter, he’s become incredibly disgusted with the way Republicans are behaving. He probably won’t be able to hide his disgust for very long on Wednesday.


According to Schiff, it’s less about learning new information and more about making sure Americans know exactly what’s in the report without President Donald Trump and his administration’s distortions.

Not to mention the vast majority of Republicans who, to their everlasting shame, still haven’t read the Report that, you know, only outlines grave crimes committed against the American people and our national security.


The status quo right now is that the administration and its enablers loudly and continually proclaim that it was a total exoneration and there was never anything there and further investigations are motivated by spiteful disappointment. That’s not acceptable. The politics and “optics” of it are the committee’s responsibility. Let’s not worry whether or not we get theatrical thundering denunciations from Mueller. That’s not his style and by now we know it. Schiff is a prosecutor too, and in his own calm way he’s been taking the fight to the administration steadily.


The bothsiderism and it’s step-sibling, false equivalency, are unrelenting. This is not even balance. This is just plain stupid.


I’m hoping that we’re going to hear a lot more about Trump’s obstruction, with hopefully a good lesson for folks on how obstruction covers up crimes, thus when you don’t have enough to prosecute a bank robber because they burned the getaway car with all the physical evidence, non-prosecution does not mean that they didn’t rob the bank.


And since it exonerates Trump he should be thrilled to have Mueller testifly publicly. s/


He needs only to be asked to expand on his findings that he would’ve brought charges against a sitting president if he could have, but such are the restraints in the OLC position. “Clearly did not” needs to be examined by Dems.

Mueller said that if his office “had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so.” And he noted that the Constitution “requires a process other than the criminal justice system to formally accuse a sitting president of wrongdoing” — a reference to impeachment by Congress.


They love the food fight aspect of Dems confronting the other side. Not under Schiff’s watch is it going to happen however.


Yeah, we need to be more careful. We’ve got to stop being wusses in our use of language.

We need to embrace “Send them back” and own it as our language of choice.

Ted Cruz, born in Canada with a Cuban father-- Send him back.

Melania Trump (& parents) and her anchor baby-- lied on citizenship application about never having committed visa fraud by working on a tourist visa-- Sent them back.

Rather than rolling over, embrace the fight, demonstrate the rank hypocrisy of the Republican Party, that it’s lying to its own followers.


Individual-1 is hoping your wish comes true.

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Dems don’t need to keep pushing back on Rs’ stupidity. Present our agenda, our plans for the country beginning January 21, leave the trumpps all of them to molder somewhere, and be fearless and fierce in our language without going near moron’s stupid language.


The moron who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. couldn’t agree more.



The absence of evidence is not evidence of its absence.


sigh… That’s why we keep being seen as spineless. Because we don’t stand up and fight back, thus allowing them to present their lies as having some semblance of truth.

I haven’t heard any of the major candidates giving, say, a nice speech about how many Red-Staters would lose their own personal healthcare coverage if Trump is successful in his court case against the ACA.

Or pushing the statistics on just how many of those voters rely on the big government support that they decry as welfare handouts.


I absolutely agree he needs to read it out loud- not just cite page and paragraph. And we need to have those clips aired widely. Some of the political PACs should be buying ads and playing those clips if the media news won’t.

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What absolute bullshit, from first word to last.

At least you’re dependably trollish.