Schiff Calls For Inquiry After Report That Trump DOJ Seized Records On Dem Lawmakers | Talking Points Memo

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Thursday decried the latest example of the “weaponization” of the Trump Justice Department against the former president’s political enemies after The New York Times reported that the agency had subpoenaed Apple for metadata on some Democratic lawmakers, their aides and family members.

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I’m sure we can depend on Merrick Garland to go all out, get to the bottom of this, and firmly hold to account all those responsible, whether still at the DOJ or since left.

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OMG, sometimes I crack myself up!! Woohooo!


Old Navy saying: "If there’s trouble on the deck, look to the bridge."


I’m just trying to find the bridge!
Has anybody seen the bridge?
(Have you seen the bridge?)
I ain’t seen the bridge!
(Where’s that confounded bridge?)


Fat Nixon used Nixon tactics. We should have expected this.


Enemies list for sure.


Gonna go out on limb that investigating leaks was a useful pretext for digging up dirt on those he perceived to be his enemies.

Remember when it was reported he had an enemy’s list?


“So much for a blind obedience to a blundering oracle, throwing the
stones over their heads behind them, and not seeing where they fell.”

Henry David Thoreau


I’m sure if the Former Guy had another term, he’d spend the whole time getting revenge against all that he felt were against him.
That, and more grifting.


We could opine endlessly as to which would be of more importance to him.


From CNN: “Those subject to subpoenas were notified in May by Apple that the Justice Department had issued grand jury subpoenas in February 2018 for their information,”

What did they tell the Grand Jury that they approved such a move? And what Federal Judge would approve such a move? Or did they just complete the forms and fake it all? I wonder if the other people on the enemy list were also included.


Paging Merrick Garland.

Schiff put it well on Maddow. Garland has to do a deep dive investigation and clean house at DOJ.

From the decision to withhold the DOJ memo on the Mueller Report to the decision in the E Jean Carroll matter to his DOJ’s apparent silence on further action relating to the obstruction of the Mueller probe to the silence on the SDNY/Cohen/Individual-1 matter to the corrupt attempts to spring Roger Stone and Michael Flynn to the plodding Giuliani investigation which appears too limited to encompass the Trump role, Garland has taken a pro-institutionalist view of the DOJ, and that means normalizing a lot of Trump/Barr’s conduct. He’s starting from a perspective of departmental infallibility, as even when Judges call out the Barr DOJ’s behavior Garland doesn’t find a way to be introspective and say, ‘Yeah, maybe the Department got that one wrong. Yeah, maybe we’ll survive, and in future cases and reasonable lawyers and Judges will conclude that not every single heinous act by a Federal employee must be defended. One can describe ‘Trump’ as the one-off, the exception to every rule and it doesn’t dilute the value of the statute or institutional prerogative.’

What I would like Garland to do is to make a speech admitting that the Trump/Sessions/Whitaker/Barr era was anything but normal, that he intends to conduct a deep dive review and house cleaning of people and practices that corrupted the DOJ, and that he will review and pursue all legal matters that were impacted by the Trumpian political corruption of the DOJ. He’s nowhere close to that from my vantage point.


Trump has spent his entire life, and will spend his remaining days, preoccupied and plotting against those that aggrieve him. Revenge is his oxygen.


I’m not holding my breath on the perjury charges.


“prosecutors under attorney general, Jeff Sessions”

Name them. Shame them. Report them to the Bar and prosecute them. Ruin them and their careers in any and every way possible.


I don’t think attempting to prioritize Mango Mussolini’s motives would be fruitful: I’m guessing they shifted with the news cycle and the time of day.
They only thing that remained constant was their corruption.


It’s on the drawing board. Scheduled to start the 6th week of August.


Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) on Thursday decried the latest example of the “weaponization” of the Trump Justice Department against the former president’s political enemies"

Far easier to name a person, protocol or process that he hasn’t weaponized bullied,cajoled…Nobody can seemingly lay a glove on the biggest criminal in our long and storied history…something is terribly wrong in our " nation of laws"…


Random thoughts…
(1.) Yeah, they were looking for leaks of confidential information… (via improper means) …but if they found out some embarrassing damaging unrelated piece of personal information - you know Trump would have used it
(2.) 100% certain that the MAGA media & GQP will
a. Deny it … and
b. screech that “this is in the past … leave it alone”
(3.) Can you say “tip of the iceberg” ???


" Oscar Benvenuto"

Ruin him.