Scarborough Issues Warning To Trump 2020 Donors

“Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough issued a damning warning to donors to President Trump’s reelection campaign on Monday morning following a bloody weekend of mass shootings that left nearly 30 people dead.

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Transparency…right, Moscow Mitch?


He’s got a valid point. Just look at the judges that MoscowMitch is getting approved. They won’t admit that Brown v. Topeka was a correct decision.


There’s about seven people on the entire planet that care what Joe Scarborough says. We didn’t listen to him when he supported Trump’s campaign and repeatedly featured him on his show and repeatedly tossed him smirky softball questions. Joe Scarborough: All Trump’s ignorance and racism are on you. It was plainly there then, but you thought it was funny.

PS: Joe, you were either supportive or silent everytime your low-life Republican Party thwarted every reasonable measure to regulate guns. You Joe Scarborough and your fellow filth Republicans might as well have pulled the trigger yourself.


I don’t know quite how history will judge Scarborough. Perhaps no one is more responsible for the political rise of Donald Trump, but you certainly can’t accuse the man of mincing words in rejecting him today.


I know Home Depot is a big supporter, but is there a list somewhere?


Morning Joe also showed footage of Trump rallies and Trump’s rantings. They repeated the footage over and over and over and over again, every few minutes.


I guess that I’m one of those seven people. I watch his show every morning. He has some of the best guests.


Here’s a list of companies.


Yeah. Sure.
Like the Russian Oligarchs, Trans-National Billionaires, and Extraction-Industry and Pharma CEOs give a flying fuck about “the peasants” who got killed.

“That’s just the price of doing business” they say. Just like the Industrialists (German and British and American) that supported Hitler with their funding in the 1930’s.

Don’t expect them to care.


I know nothing about Scarborough, not a tv watcher, he was a supporter of tRump, but now he’s not. There is something to applaud about a public figure (even one you don’t like) that is trying to get out a different message. Anyone that’s willing to help our cause benefits us.


Home Depot (a place that subtitles the signs in its stores in Spanish) is not longer connected. The various investors who used to control the place (I saw Bernie Marcus’ name on the list, and Ken Langone is a well known presence and ATM for right wing causes not to mention almost a convicted felon). Home Depot got their investment capital and now wants nothing to do with them; this is a standard bit of CEO practice. Home Depot is not as well run as Lowe’s but I don’t think they’re down promoting “white replacement” in Aisle 7. You need to go to Walmart if you want racism, but Walmart is smart enough to avoid being linked.


All the media companies do that. I’ve taken the time to call all of them to complain about it. Maybe more people should do the same. Otherwise there’s a tendency to get mired in the past, complaining over and over about things we all know already.


Pretty unequivocal stuff from Joe, I can’t criticize it. If I could only hear his snotty voice for 3 seconds without wanting to hurl a coffee mug at the tv, I’d consider watching for stuff like this.

Oh, and because that…are we ona delay?..Dick Halperin isn’t on anymore.


Make it two.


You can’t just write checks to put your boy in charge of everything and then shrug your shoulders when he does crazy, offensive shit. You bought it, you own it.


Worse than no one listening to Joe is that the racist in the WH listens to no one. He tweets, he says things, today he tied background checks with immigration reform. The only thing he didn’t say was “Now watch this drive.”

Background checks alone are not the answer either, there’s no sharing of info on people who buy guns so loners and white supremacists and crazies in general are not tracked by anyone.


Scarborough Issues Warning To Trump 2020 Donors ‘Funding’ White Supremacy

Feature, not a problem, REPUG feature.


History and Judging Scarborough
We judge him a fucking opportunist and a hypocrite
Sang a different tune when HE needed those positive NRA ratings


But Trump gave us a huge tax break said the wealthy donors !