Sarkozy Says He’ll Sue Over Qaddafi ‘Funding’ Claim | Talking Points Memo

French President Nicolas Sarkozy has reacted furiously to charges that his 2007 election campaign received 50 million euros from Muammar’s Qaddafi regime, saying he intends to sue the organization that published the allegations. The French investigative news site Mediapart published a document that appears to show Libyan intelligence officials arranging funding for Sarkozy’s 2007 election effort.The letter is dated 2006 and written in Arabic. It refers to a meeting that allegedly took place between Libyan intelligence officials and Brice Hortefeux, a close aid to Sarkozy. It outlines “an agreement in principle” to provide the Sarkozy campaign with up to 50 million euros in contributions. It is allegedly signed by former Libyan intelligence chief Moussa Koussa.

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